-GB Art,10-08-09

Graham Braddock Art Workshop, 10 August 2009

Graham Braddock Art Workshop #1 : HOW TO DRAW WELL

On Monday August 10th, HASCA hosted two Graham Braddock Art Workshops with over 200 in attendance. Both workshops were fabulous! Mr Braddock is an amazing artist and tutor, and a brilliant entertainer. The children (and adults) produced utterly stunning still life drawings – works to be proud of!

At both the AM and PM workshops HASCA gave away two of Mr Braddock’s Art Lesson Packs. These were won by; T. De Beer and W. Rouse at the morning session, and T. Salthouse and M. Cardno who attended the afternoon session. These lucky people got to choose one of Mr Braddock’s 13 art lesson packs to take home.

Congratulations to our winners and our sincere thanks to all who attended the art workshops. The workshops were so enjoyable, and the feedback so positive – we will certainly invite Mr Braddock back in the very near future!

Website: www.grahambraddock.co.nz

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