Our Leadership

HASCA Leadership 2021

HASCA’s Elected Officers and Committees are made up of volunteers – home schooling parents just like you!

Elected Officers

President: Andrew Dawson
Treasurer: Nancy Falconer
Secretary: Sandra Dawson 

Executive Committee

Andrew Dawson
Nancy Falconer
Sandra Dawson
Nina Lawgun
Lin Li Webster
Joanna Wheeler
Lizelle D’Costa
Selena Spottiswoode
Eva-Corrien Pedersen

Sub Committee

Miriam Koit
Kelley Robinson
Sharon Dove
Nancy van Dorp
Lisa Dew

These amazing people are the drivers behind HASCA’s sport teams, programmes and activities, events, and day-to-day running! They are passionate about providing support to our home schooling community, and opportunities to our home educated children; opportunities that they may not normally have access to. These people give their time and talents, and make great things happen!

Our elected officers and executive committee members may alter annually (at the Annual General Meeting and based on AGM elections), however our sub-committee is open and you can join anytime!

We welcome you to bring along your ideas and thoughts – or share any talents and skills you may have with our homeschooling community.

Our wonderful extended team of generous helpers & support people!
Andrew Dawson – President 
Nancy Falconer – Treasurer & MERC Day Coordinator
Sandra Dawson – Secretary, HASCA Hub, Events, Website, & Woodturning Coordinator
Lizelle (Liz) D’costa – Membership Secretary & Admin Support
Nina (Ni Law) – HASCA Hub & Seminars Coordinator, Tutor (Art)(English), Parent Support (NCEA, CENZ & Te Kura)
Joanna (Jo) Wheeler – HASCA Library & Hub Support (also involved with Free-range Robotics) 
Miriam Koit – HASCA Library, Te Reo & Kapa Haka Coordinator, Edible Book Day Event Coordinator
Lin Li Webster – Book Club Coordinator, Cuppa & Chat, Events
Nancy van Dorp – Cuppa & Chat, Hospitality & Support 
Kelley Robinson – Sports Uniform Coordinator
Rose MacLean – Senior Netball Coordinator & Coach, Secondary & Tertiary
Sharon Dove – Millennium Swimming & Sports Programme(s) Coordinator
Eva-Corrien Pedersen (& Corrina-Anne) – Hub Tutor (Baking), Event Support, & ATA Basketball Coach & Facilitator
Randy Skelton – ATA Basketball Senior Coach
Lisa Dew – Choir Teacher, Hub Tutor, & Hospitality/Event Support
Selena Spottiswoode – Rainbows End Event & Support
Glenn Riseborough – Coordinator Swimming Sports Event & Athletics Day 
Fiona van Ameringen – Hub Welcoming Team & Support
Lacey Dawson – Hub Support & Tutor (English)(History)( Mythology)
Ruby Dawson – Hub Support & Tutor (Art)(Craft)(Sewing)
Josh Dawson & Peter van Dorp – Hub Support & Tutors (Stop Motion)
Kate Dunn – Hub Support & Tutor (Art)(Chemistry)(Great Outdoors)
Bethany Dunn – Hub Support & Tutor (Lego)(Jewellery Making)
Jason & Kahlila Sadler – Kiwi Sports Programme Facilitators
Dorinda Duthie – Seminars / Equipping Parents to Teach with Confidence

We would love support with:

– HASCA Sports Coordinator (to oversee annual sports team opportunities)
– Junior Netball Coordinator
– Events Coordinator
– Scholastic Book Club Coordinator
– Library & HASCA Hub Support

If you’d like to know more about joining the HASCA team, see join the team!

If you have questions or want to be involved, please contact us or join us at our next committee meeting.hasca square

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