HASCA Basketball Teams

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Homeschool Basketball (Teams) Information 

Our homeschool basketball teams compete each year in local competitions, at the North Shore YMCA and Harbour Basketball, against other schools and club teams. We are happy to discuss opportunities for homeschool teams in other parts of Auckland too, simply contact us.

Teams: primary, intermediate and high-school levels, are coached and managed by homeschooling parents and/or graduated students.

Most of our players come out of the Homeschool Basketball Skills Programmes which is run weekly on a Thursday at the HASCA Hub (venue: North Shore YMCA) by ATA Basketball (juniors 5-10yrs and senior players 11-18yrs 2-3pm). The ATA Basketball – Homeschool Skills Programme is a great training ground for enthusiastic basketballers and has been running for many, many years! Highly recommended!

HASCA’s current senior and junior primary basketball coordinator is Selena Spottiswoode. Selena has been support homeschool basketballers for many years! Sandra is currently looking after our 3X3 teams. You are welcome to email Selena or Sandra via HASCA: hasca.nz@gmail.com with your enquiries.

Volunteers – Coaches and Managers

Team entries are based on interest (and numbers) and support from parents to coordinate, coach, and manage our teams and players. Referees are provided by the associations / organisations.

Competitions – A Quick Overview

Senior & Intermediate: Harbour Basketball intermediate & high-school leagues play at the North Shore Events Centre (now named Eventfinda Stadium) or AUT Northcote / Massey: Yr7-8 Mondays (semester one starts early March) Entries close mid Feb, Yr9 Wednesdays (commencing early May) Entries close early April, Under 17 Girls / Under 17 Boys / Under 19 Girls / Under 19 Boys Thursdays and Fridays (commencing early May) Entries close early April.

Junior / Primary: The North Shore YMCA run their Year 3 & 4 (ages 7-9 years) basketball league on Thursday afternoons. (*Homeschool play early games to work in with the Homeschool ATA-Basketball Skills Coaching Programme which runs 2pm to 3pm on Thursdays for juniors, or 1pm to 2pm for senior students.) The YMCA competition is an inter-school competition, therefore our homeschool basketballers will play against other local primary schools.

North Shore YMCA also offer basketball leagues for Year 5 & 6 (ages 9-11 years) which play on a Wednesday afternoons between 3.30pm and 7.30pm. Semester 1 for Yr 5-6 runs between 13-15 weeks. Semester one runs throughout terms 1 and 2. Semester 2 runs throughout terms 3 and 4.

3X3 Basketball

Swish Factory in Albany offer 3X3 leagues for all ages. Karl Noyer and Gavin George offer and exciting 3X3 league for players of all abilities and ages: Year 5/6 Mondays 5:30-7:30pm, Year 7/8 Wednesdays 4-7:30pm, Year 9/10 Tuesdays 5:30-7:30pm, Open Men (incl. boys Year 11-13) Mondays 7:30pm-9:30pm, and Open Women (incl. girls Year 11-13) Thursday 7:30-9:30pm.

Why 3X3? It’s a great alternative to 5 on 5. Games are just 10 minutes in length (play between 2 and 4 each night), and 3X3 teams are made up of four players maximum. The benefits of 3X3: Less players means more shots! Shorter possession results in more touches for everyone. More transitions from offence to defence. Players have to react with split second decisions. Beginner or Elite players, every player benefits. Fast, fun, fitness …skills!

Contact HASCA via email at hasca.nz@gmail.com

Websites & Links of Interest

◊ YMCA North Shore

◊ Swish Factory Albany

◊ Swish Factory on Facebook

◊ Harbour Basketball Association

◊ Harbour Basketball on Facebook

◊ Basketball New Zealand (BBNZ)

◊ Lacey Lowdown

◊ Lacey Lowdown on Facebook

◊ Dolphinz Basketball Club & Dolphinz Pupz

◊ Get Better Basketball (with Andrew MacKay)

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