Area Reps.

We welcome representatives from all over Auckland to join the HASCA team.  

Do you want to get involved & make things happen in and for your homeschooling community?

Whilst most of our committee members are residents of Auckland’s North Shore, we would love to better serve Auckland home educators by having representatives Auckland-wide.

We are here to support, encourage and work with homeschooling families and communities to make events, activities, sports teams, and cultural and learning opportunities ‘happen’ for home-educated children all over Auckland!

We would like representatives in all areas of Auckland (and a bit beyond), people willing to listen, support and present initiatives (and funding applications if applicable) to the HASCA committee on behalf of their local homeschooling community or ‘hub’.

If you want to be involved or have questions, please contact us or visit us for our next committee meeting. We welcome you!

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