Homeschool Musical Showcase, 04 December 2009

The 2009 Homeschool Musical Showcase was held on Friday, December 4th, at the Sunnynook Community Center. This event was proudly sponsored by HASCA.

The night featured performances from the homeschool marimba and ukulele groups, HASCA choir “Homeschool Harmonies”, plus some very talented piano soloists.

The community hall was packed full and the evening was fabulous. The superb entertainment was topped off with a lovely supper and social time.

Sincere thanks to; marimba and ukulele teacher Clare McCormack, and to beginner ukulele and choir teacher Marcia Middlemiss. Your passion and hard work was very evident by the quality of the performances, and the joy the children showed in performing.

Marcia and her family did a wonderful job coordinating this event. This is definitely not an event to miss in 2010!!!

FOR MORE INFORMATION on the ukulele or choir groups, please contact:

Marcia Middlemiss  –  Marcia.Middlemiss@ihug.co.nz

FOR MORE INFORMATION on the marimba group, please contact:

Clare McCormack  –  clare@c-change.co.nz    or    www.c-change.co.nz


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