On Monday, February 1st, we were fortunate to be invited to share two hours of full on fun with the players and coaching staff of the Burger King NZ Breakers.

Fifty children and their parents enjoyed a tour of the NZ Breakers’ Training Stadium – learning loads of facts about their favourite players along the way.

The tour was followed by some fun ball skill/handling games and drills, time training with the Breakers’ players and development squad, meet and greet time – time to collect those all important autographs.

During the last hour of our visit – we got to watch an hour of the Breakers’ two-hour morning training session. These guys are super physical! It was awesome to witness first hand the “full on” training regime of these professional athletes.

We had a great morning!

Sincere thanks to the NZ Breakers and the Basketball Development Trust, NZ.

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