HASCA Woodturning Course 14+

Learn Wood Turning at the North Shore Woodturners Guild.

This excellent programme is for home-educated students aged 14+ (absolutely no exceptions on age). As they create amazing projects, the students will be given careful guidance by the passionate people at the North Shore Woodturners Guild, Glenfield. These classes are for teens 14+ from HASCA-member families (2023 membership) with a current home education exemption. Enquiries to Helen Anderson at hasca.nz@gmail.com.
*Classes run Thursday mornings 9am-12pm, usually in terms 1 & 3.
**Classes are usually coordinated on a continuation basis (term by term) as students graduate through skill levels. 
***Regular participation is key: please, only sign up for this programme if you can commit to the full term and regular attendance.

2023 WHAT & WHEN:

TERM 1, 2023, BEGINNERS’ 14+ (continuation course & new welcome, 10 students only)  ** 4 spaces available **
This 8-week programme is for new and continuing students aged 14 years and over.
Course dates: Thursday, 09 February 2023 to 30 March 2023 (8 weeks), 9am to 12 noon 
Course Fees: $250pp PLUS $37.50pp annual Guild membership ($287.50pp)
Course participants must be 14+ years and be from HASCA member families/2023.

WT T1 2023

TERM 3, 2023, BEGINNERS’ COURSE 14+ (10 students only)
Course details will be confirmed closer to the date. 

Advanced students aged 14+ who have completed three terms and have paid their current year’s Guild membership ($37.50pp/pa) are welcome any time the Guild is open (or by arrangement) or Friday mornings when they will undertake a self-led programme. Advanced students can find project ideas online – please see South Auckland Woodturning Guild website for project printables; wood can be purchased on the day at the Guild to suit your project or by prior arrangement with Pepi.

The course is held at the North Shore Woodturners Guild, Agincourt Reserve, Agincourt Street, Glenfield

How Much?:
Woodturning Course fee is $250 per person (8 weeks)
– includes manuals, materials, tuition, plus use of equipment and tools
– PLUS, there is an annual membership fee payable to the North Shore Woodturners Guild (their yearly membership is $37.50pp)
* NOTE * Participating students must be from HASCA-member families and hold a current homeschooling exemption
(To join HASCA please see membership; HASCA membership is $15 per annum per homeschooling family.)

A note from the Tutor: I am Pepi Waite, the lead tutor. I am a qualified Senior Lecturer; I hold a Teaching Certificate and a BSc in Computing.  I have completed a 4-year training course with Aoraki Polytechnic in Woodturning and have been assisting and teaching beginner’s courses for the past 9+ years. I will have a number of assistants helping oversee the students – all enthusiastic woodturning volunteers.

HASCA Course Coordinator & Key Contact:
Email Helen Anderson at hasca.nz@gmail.com

Feel free to visit http://www.wood.org.nz/ to review the Guild.


HASCA is pleased to support and take part in this wonderful programme.
We look forward to woodturning with the North Shore Woodturners Guild!

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