Millennium Sports

Homeschool Sports Programme @AUT Millennium

Started in 2012 by a homeschooling mum, and run by a local homeschooling mum, this comprehensive Sports Programme for home educated children runs each week at the superb facilities at AUT Millennium. The programme includes a variety of water activities, sports and athletics, and accommodates 60-75 students (ages 5-17 years) every Monday afternoon. Homeschooling families participate each week from the North Shore, greater Auckland, Rodney and beyond. The success and popularity of this programme means it fills quickly: online registrations open the middle of the term prior. 

This excellent mixed sports programme runs annually during term 1 and term 4.

The Homeschool Sports Programme offers exciting new challenges and an opportunity for students to learn a different sport and skill-set each week. It’s also a great social opportunity, a time for the children to be with kids their own age and have fun! Plus a nice time for mums (and dads) to catch up, have a swim, or some quiet time.

A varied programme is offered each term. All activities are run by experienced Millennium instructors who are all very professional and friendly.  Please make enquiries direct to the programme coordinator (Sharon Dove) using the contact form below, or hit the blue ‘register now’ button to enroll. Thank you.

Homeschool Sports Activities Sampler

The Homeschool Sports Programme runs for 8 weeks (in terms 1 & 4), with two water and six land activities (incl. two weeks of athletics in term 1).
Term 1 2020 HS Millennium Sports Prog

button prog info and rego

More helpful information…

  • 2019 – 2020 DATES for the Homeschool Sports (& Swimming) Programme can be viewed here.

  • Millennium Homeschool Programme general INFORMATION sheet can be viewed here.

  • Millennium Pool Rules can be viewed here.

Got Questions? Want to know more?!
Simply complete the form below and press ‘submit’.
Your enquiry will go to the (home)school programme coordinator: Sharon Dove.
Please DO NOT contact the Millennium directly, t
hank you. 

Sharon Dove coordinates this long-running sports & activities programme. Sharon is a homeschooling parent and a HASCA committee member. She runs this excellent mixed sports programme to bring physical education and sporting opportunities to home educated children. Please consider supporting this programme through your participation! Thank you.

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