The HASCA HUB runs weekly on Thursdays in term time at the North Shore YMCA. We invite you to join us!

A wide range of learning opportunities take place at the HASCA Hub each term: sports, educational classes, dance, and fun activities. The programmes are run by people who are passionate about providing learning opportunities: a mix of experienced homeschooling parents, or senior/graduated homeschooling students, or professional tutors.

The following programmes will run this term at the HASCA HUB which takes place on Thursdays at YMCA North Shore, 5 Akoranga Drive, Northcote. (You can also view all sports, classes, and activites via the drop-down list at HASCA Sports & Activities.) We hope you’ll find something, or several somethings, you like! (:

Questions & enquiries are most welcome to the HASCA Hub coordinator, Nina at
Keen to get involved?! Let Nina know if you are keen to teach a class or take part in some way, she would love to talk over your ideas.

Term 4 HASCA Hub Programme

Click on a programme of interest to see more details, including contact & booking information, thank you.

Dance Classes

Homeschool Ballet with Debbie de Beer Dance Academy (15/10-17/12, 10 weeks) *upstairs studio         
Ballet Class 1: 11:30am – 12:15pm     Level 1, ages 5 – 6
Ballet Class 2: 12:15pm – 1:00pm       Level 2, ages 7 – 8
Ballet Class 3: 1:00pm – 1:45pm         Level 3/4, ages 9 – 12
Ballet Class 4: 1:45pm – 2:30pm         Teen Ballet, age 13yrs+

Arts, English, Science, Sport, Home Economics

Session 1     11:00am to 11:55am                                     

Class 1: Phonics & Literacy Skills for Young Learners with Nina, ages 5-8  (starts 15/10) *Squash3

Class 2: Lego Club “Lego Challenge” with Bethany. For all Lego-lovers age 5yrs+ (15/10-19/11) *Squash2

Class 3: Cooking & Home Economics with Lisa, ages 10+ (15/10-19/11) *Rendle Rm

Class 4: Intro to Greek Mythology & Classics with Lacey, ages 10 – 13 (15/10-19/11) *Meeting Rm ❌FULL❌

Session 2     12:00pm to 12:55pm                                       

Class 1: KiwiSports with Jason A smorgasbord of sports for ages 5-11 (15/10-19/11) *Gym2

Class 2: Crafty Kids: Christmas Crafts with Ruby, ages 5 – 8/9 (15/10-19/11) *Meeting Rm

Class 3: Exploring Literature: James & the Giant Peach with Lacey, ages 8 – 10 (15/10-19/11) ## CANCELLED ##

Class 4: Chemistry 101 with Kate, ages 9+ (starts 30/07) *Rendle Rm ❌FULL❌

Class 5: High School Literature & Composition: Intro to Personal Response Writing & The Great Poets of WW1 with Nina, 14+ (15/10-19/11) *Squash2 ## CANCELLED ##

Class 5a & 5b: Guitar Lessons for Beginners (2 classes 12:00-12:25 ❌FULL❌& 12:30-12:55 FULL 2 students per class) with Lacey, ages 9+ (15/10-19/11) *Squash3  *NEW*

Session 3     1:00pm to 1:55pm                                    

Class 1: Primary Art with Kate, ages 5+ (15/10-19/11) *Squash2

Class 2a: Intermediate Art with Ruby, Lino Printing, ages 11-13 (15/10-19/11) *Rendle Rm ❌FULL❌

Class 2b: High School / Senior Art with Nina, Lino Printing, ages 13+ (15/10-19/11) *Rendle Rm ❌FULL❌

Class 3: Self Esteem & Self Image for Teen Girls, ages 13+ (15/10-19/11) *Meeting Rm

Class 4a & 4b: Guitar Lessons for Beginners (2 classes 1:00-1:25 ❌FULL❌& 1:30-1:55 ❌FULL❌, 2 students per class) with Lacey, ages 9+ (15/10-19/11) *Squash3

Session 4    2:00pm to 3:00pm                                                  

Class 1: ATA Homeschool Basketball Skills basketball skills coaching programme with Coach Eva, for ages 5 – 10 (15/10-19/11) *Gym1&2 *Free Trial

Class 2: ATA Homeschool Basketball Skills basketball skills coaching programme with Coach Randy, for ages 11 – 18 (15/10-19/11) *Gym1&2 *Free Trial

Class 3: Homeschool Harmonies Choir with Lisa (+parents welcome), all ages *Rendle Rm * FREE TO ALL FAMILIES IN TERM 4 *

Class 4: Senior English Tutoring & Support (exam prep & connections across texts internal) with Nina, teens *Meeting Rm

Commitment – please do carefully consider your commitment each term to these wonderful programmes as cancellations, particularly last minute ones, are inconsiderate and disappointing. Cancellations can result in entire classes being cancelled and lost opportunity for others. The people who teach and coordinate these classes invest a massive amount of time and energy so really would like your kind consideration and your support. Thank you.

HASCA Happenings: Hub Events in Term Four

Thursday 15th October 11:45am – 2:15pm
Welcome Cuppa & Chat 
Join us for a cuppa and a chat in the foyer—we’d love to catch up and say hi!

Thursday 15th October 1:00pm – 2:00pm
Homeschool Library
Our librarians will be on hand to help and support you with returns, or assist with books & resources.             

Thursday 15th October 1:15pm – 2:15pm
Auckland Challenge Inc. – Duke Of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award
Join Auckland Challenge in the foyer to ask questions about The Duke Of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award.

Teaching the Basics with Dorinda Duthie (Term 4)
** Information & registration click here **
♦ Thursday, October 22nd, 11:00am (HASCA Hub, YMCA) 
Practical Realities of Homeschooling
Choosing resources, getting organised at home, how to find the pencils and keep track of the library books. $8pp

♦  Thursday, October 29th, 11:00am (HASCA Hub, YMCA)
Teaching Maths 

How to use basic equipment to teach the foundations of maths. This will be a hands on, practical session. The ideas will be helpful for use with any maths programme. $8pp

♦  Thursday, November 5th, 11:00am (HASCA Hub, YMCA)
Geography Resources
There is so much going on in the world right now it is important that we help the children learn the locations of different countries. There are some great resources available for homeschooling families to use. These resources will be available to look at, along with a generic handout for studying individual countries. $8pp

♦  Thursday, November 12th, 11:00am (HASCA Hub, YMCA)
Animal Study – Horses
The handout for this seminar will include an outline suitable for studying any animal and a unit study specifically about horses. $8pp

♦  Thursday, November 19th, 11:00am (HASCA Hub, YMCA)
Science Topic – Wet and Wild
Understanding the water cycle and knowing about different types of weather are important areas of everyday knowledge. Posters about both these topics will be available at the seminar, along with ideas for other resources, activities and related books. $8pp

♦  Thursday, November 26th, 11:00am (HASCA Hub, YMCA)
Little House on the Prairie
Children are welcome to attend this seminar with their parents.* This is an interactive seminar providing opportunities to look at clothes, tools and other original artefacts similar to those used by the Ingalls family. We will also be looking at books that relate to the Little House series and similar books about NZ pioneering history. *$8 per family

Weekday Classes & Activities

Aside from our Thursday hub, HASCA runs and/or supports other classes and activities, please see “Weekly What’s On?!” for info.
We also offer sports teams opportunities whenever possible.

Regular Term Events

Aside from events and information sessions run at the Thursday hub, HASCA regularly runs other events most terms such as: Athletics Day, Swimming Sports, MERC Day, Tim Bray show bookings and more. Please see the “Events” drop-down list in main menu for details.


  • Our fabulous Homeschool Library is free to all members and housed at the North Shore YMCA. (coordinators: Jo Wheeler & Miriam Koit)

Book Club

  • The HASCA Scholastic Book Club is available to all home educators! Excellent resources at great prices, including School Essentials. Rewards earned from purchases support new resources into the Homeschool Library. (coordinator: Lin Li Webster)

Support & Connect

  • Cuppa & Chat opportunities run each term at the HASCA Hub (in the North Shore YMCA foyer). Time to catch up and connect over a cuppa. Information sessions and other events take place also, see the “Events” drop-down list in main menu.
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