The HASCA Hub programme is educational and fun: designed by home educating families for home educating families. It is parent led by a team of dedicated volunteers and supported under the HASCA umbrella. We meet and ‘create community’ weekly on Thursdays on the Shore. We welcome your family to join us at North Shore YMCA.

A wide range of activities, classes, and workshops take place at the HASCA Hub each term, usually for 8-weeks. Classes are facilitated by people who are passionate about providing learning opportunities and support to home educated children and their families. Our Hub team is a mix of experienced homeschoolers, tutors, and senior/graduated homeschool students. We try to offer affordable classes to ensure entire families can take part if they choose to. We hope you will find something, or several somethings, you like! Please join us, Thursdays at the HASCA Hub, at the North Shore YMCA (Akoranga Drive, Northcote) in term time. Enquiries welcome to or

Term 2 (2021) HASCA Hub Programme

Click on a class or activity of interest to see course information, tutor details, fees and registration options.

10:00am Session

o Lego Challenge Club Beth, 4+ [TCH] (SQ2)
o Chemistry Kate, 10+ [SCI] (REN)
o Phonics Fun for Parents & Children Nina, 5+ [PA] (SQ3) *wks 2-6 NEW

o Preschool Playgroup 0-5 [PA] *time-slot tbc*

11:00am Session

o Primary Art Kate, 5-13 [AR] (SQ3)
o Intro to Lego Stop Motion Josh & Peter, 11+, 6wks [TCH] (SMR) FULL
o Jewellery Making Beth, 10+ [AR] (SQ2)
o Kapa Haka Tina, 5+ / all [L&C/AR] (G01)
o Literature & Composition Nina, 12.5-15 [LIT]

12:00pm Session

o Kiwi-Sports Jason & Kalila, 5-11 [PE] (G01)
o Kiwi-Bakers Eva & Corrina, 9+ [HE] (REN) NEW
o Te Reo Maori Kristy, 5+ / all [L&C] (SQ3)
o Senior English Nina, 15+ [LIT] (REN)

1:00pm Session

o Crafts-4-Kids Aaliyah & Lisa, 5+ [AR/TCH] NEW
o Visual Arts Nina, 12+ [AR] (REN)
o ATA Basketball Beginners Eva [PE] (G01) NEW
o ATA Basketball Social Randy [PE] (G02) NEW
# ATA Basketball 5-18 years

o First Aid Parents’ Workshop with Lisa W. [PA] (SMR) Fortnightly from 20/05
o Teaching the Basics Workshop with Dorinda [PA] “Volcanoes” 13/05

2:00pm Session

o Senior Fine Arts Nina, 14+ [AR] (SMR)
o Sewing Ruby, 10+ [TECH] (REN) NEW
o ATA Basketball Jnr. Advanced Eva [PE] (G01)
o ATA Basketball Snr. Advanced Randy [PE] (G02)
# ATA Basketball 5-18 years

Ballet Academy Classes

Homeschool Ballet Academy Debbie, all ages
o 11:30am Tiny Tots, 3-5 [AR] (STU)
o 12:00pm Level 1, 5+ [AR] (STU)
o 12:45pm Level 3, 7+ [AR] (STU)
o 1:30pm Teens & Level 6 [AR] (STU)
o 2:30pm Level 5, 9-12 [AR] (STU)

Term 2 Hub Events

What’s happening at the Hub?!
Thursday, May 6th, 11:00-1:00
The Incredible Edible Book Day Event
Thursday, May 13th, 11:45-2:15
Cuppa & Chat
Thursday, July 1st, 11:45-2:15
Cuppa & Chat plus Matariki craft (rear foyer)

Support & Seminars

Parent Support & Creating Community!
o Cuppa & Chat (Support) Sessions
o First Aid Parents’ Workshop with Lisa W. [PA] (SMR) Fortnightly from 20/05
o Teaching the Basics Workshop with Dorinda [PA] “Volcanoes” 13/05

3:00 to 3:30 FREE SUPPORT (Hub Rendle room) NCEA, Te Kura, CENZ. Book a time with Nina:

Upcoming Events

Annual events & more:
The Incredible Edible Book Day 06/05 *SIGN UP*
HASCA Hub Cuppa & Chat 13/05
HASCA Hub Cuppa & Chat & Matariki Craft 01/07
Curriculum Evening (date tbc)

Other Weekday Classes

Other weekday classes on offer:
Mon Millennium Swimming Programme for all ages/5+
Mon Millennium Sports Programme for all ages/5+
Thurs Woodturning Course 14+ *FULL*
Other Sports Team Opportunities

HASCA Hub Notices


Term 1: 25/02, 18/03-15/04
Term 2: 13/05 to 01/07
Term 3: 05/08 to 23/09
Term 4: 21/10 to 02/12

Hub enquiries are welcome to Nina at or Sandra at

~ Nina & the HASCA Hub team


o Teaching the Basics Seminars Dorinda [PA]
o Global Mythology with Lacey [SS]
o Soap Making Parents’ Workshop with Janine [PA]

o The Great Outdoors Class with Kate [SCI/SS] 

HASCA Notices

An exciting 2021, please do join us!

Hub dates 25/02, 18/03 to 15/04
Event 04/02 Athletics Day
Event 25/02 Resource Fair
Event 18/03 Swimming Comp.
Cuppa & Chat 25/02 & 15/04

Event 06/05 Edible Book Day
Hub dates 13/05 to 01/07
Cuppa & Chat 13/05
Special Committee Meeting 13/05
Cuppa & Chat & kids’ craft 01/07

Hub dates 05/08 to 23/09
Event 08/07 TBC
Cuppa & Chat 05/08
Cuppa & Chat & kids’ craft 23/09

Hub dates 21/10 to 02/12
Cuppa & Chat 21/10
Event *TBC* Swimming Comp.
Event 09/12 E.O.Y. Beach Day
Event 16/12 HASCA MERC Day

Membership enquiries to Liz

Warmest regards

~ Sandra, Andrew & HASCA committee

HASCA Library Notices

Sadly, we have had books & resources go missing recently due to people not following correct procedure. Please, if you do not know procedure, ask one of our helpful librarians, committee members, or HASCA Hub welcoming team.

Please ensure you sign-out your books, and check-in your books (on your family’s page) when you return them. This is important!

Please do not leave any library books or resources with YMCA staff or anywhere outside of the cupboards; you must lock up all returned items, thank you.

Please help us – by following the library rules – so we can continue to provide this wonderful service as we do. We are all volunteers and appreciate your support.

If there is anything particular you’d like to see in our wonderful homeschool library, let us know! We welcome your input and suggestions.

~ Jo & Miriam, Library Coordinators

Your family’s commitment to the HASCA HUB Programme: Please do carefully consider your commitment each term towards these wonderful programmes as cancellations, particularly last minute ones, are inconsiderate and disappointing for our hardworking coordinators and tutors. Cancellations can result in entire classes being cancelled (due to insufficient numbers) which is a lost opportunity for others. The HASCA Hub Team, all volunteers, and the many helpers, teachers and class coordinators invest a massive amount of time and energy so your kind consideration and your support is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Our Commitment to You: As long as you keep coming, supporting us, and enjoying what we offer, we will do our very best to provide wonderful learning opportunities for all homeschooling families & support seminars for parents. We do try to offer new and varied activities each term, whilst continuing the most popular and much-loved classes and activities too.

Key Curricular Learning Areas: HASCA Hub classes purposefully cater to Key Curricular Learning Areas such as [AR] The Arts: Music, Dance & Design, [HE] Home Economics, [LIT] Literature, [L&C] Languages & Cultural Activities, [NUM] Numeracy, [PE] Physical Education & Sport, [PA] Seminars, Workshops & Support for Parents, [TCH] Technology & STEM, [SCI] Sciences, [SS] Social Studies, History & Geography.

HASCA Hub Venue Rooms: (SMR) small meeting room, (REN) Rendle room, (SQ1) Squash room 1, (SQ2) Squash room 2, (SQ3) Squash room 3, (FOY) rear foyer, (G01) gym side 1, (G02) gym side 2, (STU) upstairs dance studio, (ROB) upstairs Roberts room. See YMCA North Shore – HASCA Hub venue map.

Respect for Others: Have you noticed a few tiny gaps in our programme or weekly offerings? There are many classes and activities which already run locally outside of the HASCA umbrella – so you may see small gaps in what we offer. This is only because we want to be mindful and respectful of the many other wonderful learning opportunities already running in our homeschooling community such as drama classes.

Keen to get involved?! Let Nina or one of our HASCA Hub team know if you are keen to teach a class or take part in some way. We would love to talk over your ideas and see whether they might work with our vision.

Find HASCA on Facebook:HASCA Homeschool Sports & Cultural Association Inc.” and “Friends of HASCA“.

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