The HASCA Hub programme is educational and fun: designed by home-educating families for home-educating families. It is parent-led by a team of dedicated volunteers and supported under the HASCA umbrella. We meet and ‘create community’ weekly on Thursdays on the Shore. We welcome your family to join us at North Shore YMCA.

A wide range of activities, classes, and workshops take place at the HASCA Hub each term, usually for 8-weeks. Classes are facilitated by people who are passionate about providing learning opportunities and support to home-educated children and their families. Our Hub team is a mix of experienced homeschoolers, tutors, and senior/graduated homeschool students. We try to offer affordable classes to ensure entire families can take part if they choose to. We hope you will find something or several somethings, you like! Please join us, Thursdays at the HASCA Hub, at the North Shore YMCA (Akoranga Drive, Northcote) in term time. Enquiries welcome to or


OPEN NOW: Term 4 registrations are open. Spaces are limited.
Enquiries welcome

HASCA Hub Happenings

What’s happening at the Hub?!
Term 3, 2022:
o Cuppa & Chat 22/09
o ‘Homeschooling through the High School Years’ Support Session 22/09/22

Term 4, 2022:
o Cuppa & Chat 20/10
o Cuppa & Chat 01/12

Support & More

Support & Community!
o Auckland Challenge will attend our Cuppa & Chat sessions this year to discuss the Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award with students & families.


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Next committee meeting
Tuesday, 27/09/22, 7pm
Member apologies or submissions for discussion to

Upcoming Events

Annual events & more:
o HASCA Netball Muster/Training Day for Spring League (which is a 6-week social competition, played in Northcote, in term 4)
o HASCA End-of-Year Picnic & 20th Birthday Celebration @Long Bay, 09/12/22, more details to come.
o Water Safety Day 05/12 Millennium

Weekday Programmes

Other weekday classes on offer:
o Mon Millennium Swimming Programme for 5-18
o Thurs HASCA Hub Programme for 5-18

HASCA Hub Notices

Hub enquiries are welcome to

T2) Thurs 12/05 to 30/06, 8wks
*Ballet finishes 30/06 also
T3 ) Thurs 04/08 to 22/09, 8 wks
*Ballet will run for 10 weeks
T4) Thurs 20/10 to 01/12, 7 wks
*Ballet & Basketball run 8 weeks
End-of-year HASCA Picnic 09/12

HASCA Happenings

We welcome your support through membership.

2022 Membership is $15 (to Dec 31).

To join HASCA please see “membership”.

Admin / membership enquiries to

Homeschool Library

Place all your returns in cupboard one on the bottom shelf and check-in your books in the admin-folder. Thank you.

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