Senior Art 2017- enrolments open



Classes are open to all high-school aged students with an interest in formal art studies.



Terms 1 – 4, 2017: Thursdays, 2:30 – 4:30pm

(Following the junior art & senior basketball.)



Northcote YMCA, Akoranga Drive.


In term 1 we will be looking at traditional Japanese arts and the influence they have had on contemporary art. This will involve producing drawings and paintings inspired by our studies.

In term 2 we will be experimenting with printmaking techniques and the use of ink as an art medium.

In term 3 we will be looking at the anatomical drawings of Leonardo da Vinci and their influence on contemporary anatomical artworks. This will involve drawing and painting bones and muscles.

In term 4 we will be using our year’s work to inform external folios to be exhibited at the end of the term.




We will be producing work to address a mix of NCEA Visual Arts & Art History standards in order to help facilitate student’s achievement should they decide to go on and study art through Te Kura. Some past students have successfully submitted their work to Te Kura for credit consideration at level 1 and 2.


Alternatively, ACE students enrolled with Homeschooling NZ can earn a credit towards their certificates upon completion of the course.



Nina Lawgun


To see some of our work from this year, come along to our exhibition 11:30 – 1pm on 15 December at the All Saints Scout Hall, 3 Recreation Drive, Birkenhead.

Basketball Champions!

Yahoo, our junior team, Homeschool Heat, came 1st in their grade last term.  Very exciting!  There was lots of improvement from the newbies and some really awesome teamwork and encouragement from the kids who have been round for longer.  The team were: Hugh, Ben, Naresh, Shay, Alody, Joshua and Daisy.  Well Done to the team and their coach Selena!!


Homeschool Sewing Term 2 2016

Sewing classes for home educated students – girls and boys!

I coordinate four classes each week in term time for various skill levels: junior beginner and intermediate, plus teen beginner to intermediate – advanced.

Learn: machine and hand sewing, plus various skills and sewing techniques.

Classes are fun – learn at your own pace – with lots of support from the tutor.

I can take one more student if anyone is interested:

SEWING CLASS 3, Wednesday 12:45pm – 2:00pm

8 weeks, commencing 11th May, finishing 29th June

suit student 8-12yrs, absolute beginner okay or a little experience


SEWING CLASS 4, Wednesday 2:10pm – 3:25pm

8 weeks, commencing 11th May, finishing 29th June

suit student 10-13yrs, absolute beginner okay or a little experience

Subsidised fee for HASCA members $85 per student ($150 non members)

Tuition is provided by Lynn-Marie Young of Sew Inspired.

Classes are held at 21 Clensmore Place, Torbay (North Shore) in Lynn-Marie’s lovely sewing studio.

Electric sewing machines and equipment are provided for student use during class.

Most haberdashery, fabric, and patterns are included, this depends on the project selected by individual students.

For more info, check out the  HASCA Sewing page.

Term 2 Activities Update

Hi everyone,

Dates and details for Term 2 have now been updated for the following activities:

There are also more activities and sports listed on our page.

Have a look and contact the organiser if you’re interested!

HASCA AGM and Committee Meeting

Hi Everyone,

Our first HASCA committee meeting for 2016 and AGM will be held in March. We really hope you will make time to attend this meeting. We would love all members to attend at least one meeting a year and support HASCA. You do not need to be organising a programme to attend these meetings. We would value your support and appreciate your views on how we can grow HASCA and ideas on how HASCA can better support our homeschooling community.

Monday, 21st March 2016 at 7.30pm 

125 Ocean View Rd , Hillcrest

Meet and Greet at the YMCA

* Are you new to Homeschooling?

*Would you like to find out more about it?

*OR maybe just want to have a friendly chat and meet  some new people

WHEN: Thursday 25th February

WHERE:  YMCA Akoranga Dr, Northcote

TIME: 1:30PM – 2:45PM

Whether your new to Homeschooling or have been Homeschooling for a while we would love for you to come along to the YMCA Northcote and enjoy a nice hot cup of tea/coffee with a biscuit and some great company.

Have a chat and meet some new people. Visit our wonderful Library, find out some more info about our amazing Homeschool Community and the Activities/Sports it has to offer.

We look forward to meeting you. : )

Anne and Jodie

Dorinda Duthie Maths 1 seminar

On Thursday, Feb 25 starting at 7:30 pm at our home

163 Hinemoa St, Birkenhead (please park on the road)

there will be a seminar about teaching maths.

We will be looking at maths resources and learning how to use hands on material to teach counting, addition, subtraction multiplication and division.

The information will be suitable for parents of children aged 5 – 10 years and older children who are having difficulty with maths.

The ideas will be helpful to use in conjunction with any maths programme.

Cost – $8

If you would like to come please email me by Tuesday, Feb 23, at including your name and phone number in the reply.

Junior Basketball Team

Join the Junior Basketball Team

Here’s a little info for you to think about. I am not a qualified basketball coach merely an enthusiastic parent and am happy for any input.  Home School Heat came 3rd out of 8 teams last season (Term 3/4)

Age: Kids must be Year 5 / under 11.  We have had 8-10 year olds in our teams previously, mixed girls & boys (the kids are all wearing the same team colours and it is important they work as a team, not to favour gender).

Cost:  It is $495 for the season (Term 1 & 2) for the whole team which will be divided among the players.  HASCA usually subsidise $100 for the year (so if we use the whole subsidy for this term 1 & 2 season we won’t get it for the second half of the year). This gets spread between however many kids are playing (6 kids $66).  I’ve found that 6 or 7 on the team is plenty to get by on.  We have had 8 on the team before but because the games are only 20 mins long its tricky to get everyone playing enough game to make it worth it.  There is also a once a year contribution of $20 per player towards the uniforms.

You will need to join HASCA in order to play on the team.  Visit to join.

Games:  First games start at 3.30pm but can be as late as 5.30.  20 min games, of 10 mins each way.  There are approximately 10 games over the season.

Scholastic Book Club issue #1

The 1st issue of Scholastic Book Club 2016 is here!

The brochures will be distributed over the next few days at usual places- the Millennium Swimming and Sports, Tuesday gymnastics, the monthly Cafe Night… OR you can pick up a set from the Homeschool Library (housed at the North Shore YMCA).

OR you can go online to view the brochures via

DUE DATE is: (5:00pm) Thursday, 3rd March 2016.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For some time, Scholastic has made provision for families to make and pay for their own orders online at the Scholastic LOOP online payment website (

While you can still drop the paper order form to me or email the order through to me, ordering via the LOOP website is now my preferred option. It’s a straightforward process to use the LOOP website and there’s a handy ‘How-To’ video if you do get stuck (but you won’t!). Any orders made on the LOOP website still have to be made under the school name of ‘HASCA Homeschool’ and the orders are still delivered to me to distribute to our families.

Some themes in Issue 1: Waitangi Day, Sea Week, Dictionaries, Horrible/Murderous sets and a fair bit of Star Wars (I wonder why…)


(501) At the Beach, $17

(502) The Story of a Treaty, $26

(554) Marine Conservation Pack: “The Last of Maui’s Dolphins” and “The Whale Savers” picture books, $27.50, down from $39.98

(556) Dave Gunson NZ Shore & Sea Life Read, Colour, Keep book, $7.50

> ABC Book Club, under 5’s
(140) We’re Going on a Egg Hunt $14.50, down from $21

(149) Everyone Feels… 4-pack, $24.50, down from $45

(151) 123 floor puzzle $12.50

> LUCKY Book Club, ages 5+
(221) There was an Old Bloke who Swallowed a Chook $2 Gold Coin book

(224) Love-to-Sing Times Tables CD $5

(236) Usborne Map of the World 250-piece jigsaw, $16.50

(246) Lego Phonics 12-book boxed set, $14.50

> ARROW Book Club, ages 7+
(320) The Shakespeare Stories 16-book boxed set, $50

(321) The Lego Movie Junior Novel $2 Gold Coin book

(352) Usborne Junior Illustrated Maths Dictionary, $19

> STAR Book Club, ages 9+

(409) Basher History: Mythology $14.50
(420) Just a Dog, $2 Gold Coin book

(429) Scratch and Python: The Basics, $10

(449) The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, $5

(452) Kidnapped, $5

> EXTRA! Book Club, all ages

(608) The Fidgety Itch $2 Gold Coin book

(614) Dave Gunson NZ Birds Read, Colour, Keep book, $9

(644) Klutz Finger Knitting kit, $18.50

(665) Horrible Goegraphy 10 book boxset, $39, down from $70

Any home educating family is welcome to purchase items from the Book Club even if they are not current HASCA members. However, it is important to note that this Book Club is a fundraising initiative for HASCA, more specifically for the Homeschool Library

DanceFit class this Term at the YMCA

DANCEFIT is a non-partner dance programme for boys and girls, which links physical activity with mental activeness. For more details, check out the DanceFit page.