Junior Basketball Team

Join the Junior Basketball Team

Here’s a little info for you to think about. I am not a qualified basketball coach merely an enthusiastic parent and am happy for any input.  Home School Heat came 3rd out of 8 teams last season (Term 3/4)

Age: Kids must be Year 5 / under 11.  We have had 8-10 year olds in our teams previously, mixed girls & boys (the kids are all wearing the same team colours and it is important they work as a team, not to favour gender).

Cost:  It is $495 for the season (Term 1 & 2) for the whole team which will be divided among the players.  HASCA usually subsidise $100 for the year (so if we use the whole subsidy for this term 1 & 2 season we won’t get it for the second half of the year). This gets spread between however many kids are playing (6 kids $66).  I’ve found that 6 or 7 on the team is plenty to get by on.  We have had 8 on the team before but because the games are only 20 mins long its tricky to get everyone playing enough game to make it worth it.  There is also a once a year contribution of $20 per player towards the uniforms.

You will need to join HASCA in order to play on the team.  Visit https://hasca.wordpress.com/joining-hasca/ to join.

Games:  First games start at 3.30pm but can be as late as 5.30.  20 min games, of 10 mins each way.  There are approximately 10 games over the season.

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