Junior Literature Class for 2018

Please make enquiries to Nina Lawgun, email – learn2getha@gmail.com or via HASCA.

Nina also offers other Literature Classes for older children Yr9/10 and Yr11, plus Art Classes Beg/Foundation-Senior.


Hi All


I’m just putting out some feelers to see if there would be sufficient interest to make a Junior Literature Class aimed at approximate ages 9  – 11, worth running. (Approx yrs 5  – 7)


The proposed day and time is Thursdays 11am  – 12pm at the Northcote YMCA.


Each week we will read 1 – 3 chapters of the book we are studying. For students who need reading support, parents may sit in and also read with them at home. After reading together in class we will then discuss what we have read together and work through some discussion questions as a group. From there, students will have a personal response activity to do in class such as a short written activity, a craft activity or an interactive group activity.


Each week students will have a small homework task to complete.


Ideally students will already be able to write a few sentences with or without parental support.


Correct spelling, punctuation etc is not required at this stage as this will be part of the learning process.


I am thinking of studying 1  – 2 Highly regarded novels each term supported by a variety of picture books for older children. We may also include a poetry unit at some stage.


Some of the novels I am considering are…


The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe – C.S Lewis

The Butterfly Lion  – Michael Morpurgo

The Trumpet of the Swan – E.B White

Shiloh – Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Charlotte’s Web E.B. White


I will confirm book titles once I have a clear picture of the ages and stages of the children in the class, as I will tailor the content to suit the bulk of the class.


Parents would be welcome to sit in and support their child/ren.


I am also happy to accommodate slightly younger children aged 7  – 8 years who are able to sit quietly and listen in class provided they are supported by a parent. If there is a small group if this age or of non-reader/writers, perhaps a parent could work with them together on in class activities.


I would likely charge $75 per family for this class or if your family are paid up ﹰﹰHASCA ﹰmembers then $65 per family. This would be dependent on numbers as I will need to cover room hire costs, printing etc.


If interested please email me asap so that I can book space at the YMCA and plan specifically.


Please indicate which if the following most applies to your child to assist me with planning content and ensuring I am teaching students at an appropriate level.

Reading Levels:
My child could easily read these books on their own & fully comprehend the content.

My child could read these books alone but may need help understanding some of the content.

My child could mostly read these books alone but may need a small amount of parental assistance with reading and comprehension.

My child could read these books alongside me by alternating pages but it would be too much for them to read the entire book on their own.

My child would struggle to read these books so would need me to read aloud to them.


Writing Levels:

My child is confident with writing and could easily produce 3 or more paragraphs of writing with minimal assistance.

My child is reasonably confident with writing small amounts of up to 1 paragraph without parental assistance.

My child can write a basic paragraph but may not use correct spelling or punctuation and may need occasional assistance.

My child can write a couple of sentences to answer a question with or without correct spelling.

My child can narrate 3  – 5 reasonably well thought out sentences but could not write them on their own.

My child is not writing independently yet and would need a 1:1 support in class in order to participate.



Warm regards




Homeschool Auckland Sport & Cultural Association


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