HASCA AGM & Committee Meeting: 8 Feb

The HASCA AGM will commence at 2:00pm on Feb 8th…you are welcome to join us! 

The AGM will be followed by a Committee Meeting …new ideas welcome! See you there!


Dear valued members and homeschooling friends,

As mentioned in previous emails, our 2017 AGM, and our first committee meeting for 2018 will take place in February.

The details are as follows:

HASCA Annual General Meeting (AGM)
& HASCA Committee Meeting
Thursday, 8th February 2018 at 2:00pm
Rendle Room @North Shore YMCA, 5 Akoranga Dr., Northcote

The AGM will be a quick meeting to recap on HASCA’s activity in 2017, review finances, and appoint executive officers for 2018.

The AGM will be followed by an open Committee Meeting where we invite members, and homeschooling friends, to share thoughts and ideas – perhaps discuss things you would like to see happen during the year.

All welcome! Please note only paid-up 2018 HASCA members are eligible to cast a vote at meetings.

We welcome our 2017 members to rejoin for 2018, and welcome you all to attend the meetings on February 8th.

The minutes of the last Committee Meeting and AGM are attached. An agenda will be circulated for the upcoming meeting in due course.

Please contact us at hasca.nz@gmail.com if you wish to add anything to the Committee Meeting agenda. Thank you.

Kind regards,
Andrew & Sandra Dawson
Homeschool Auckland Sport & Cultural Association


The YMCA’s HS Junior basketball skills programme will be running during the meeting(s), Thursday 2-3pm, children are most welcome to take part as there is a casual rate available, or join for the term!


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