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Northcote YMCA

Build LEGO Technic EV3 Robots!

Strongest TugofWar
Best Jousting Robot!
Build the fastest EV3 Dragster!
Collect and return the bottle.

This will be an enquiry driven workshop using LEGO Technic.

Suitable age 8/9+
Run over 4 weeks, each week being 2hrs 30mins; Cost $70 incl gst , that’s $7 per hour!

February 18 thru March 10
10 am to 12.30pm

Children work in pairs, will be mentored to consider possible solutions, testing and adjusting designs. If the EV3 is used in the solution, it will require a basic amount of programming, but this challenge is all about risk taking, innovation and BUILDING!!
Groups might not always find a solution, but we will endeavour to ensure success is achieved by every group each week. However, remember “ “Failure Breeds Success – If You Learn From Each Failure”

Week 1
Build the best machine for Tug of War!
Week 2
Let’s build a robot that can Joust, follow the line and hit the target.
Week 3
Build the fastest LEGO EV3 Dragster possible!!
Week 4
Build a robot to collect and return an object to base.

All bookings made via email to Kim Done at gobaskets@aol.com.  Please supply the following information;
Parent Name:
Contact Number:
Email address:
Child’s Name:
Child’s Age:

All equipment will be supplied by RoboClub Ltd

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