Self-Esteem for Girls 13+

‘I LOVE ME’ Self-Esteem for Girls 13+

i love meWhat: ‘I LOVE ME’ self-esteem class for home educated girls aged 13+, with Lisa

When: Thursdays 1:00pm to 2:00pm 

Where: North Shore YMCA, 5 Akoranga Drive, Northcote *Meeting Room

About the class: 
Commencing October 15th, this class is especially designed for teen girls (13+) and will run for 6 weeks. It will be facilitated by Lisa Dew, a passionate and caring homeschooling mum of three teenagers. 

This class will provide girls with ideas and strategies to improve self-confidence, helping them to develop a happy, healthy, positive self-image and empowering them to be the best version of themselves.

Lisa will cover the following topics:
1. Who Am I? Taking a good look at ourselves, our identity, and our strengths and weaknesses. What are our goals, talents, dreams and aspirations?

2. ”Break The Cycle”. Eliminating limiting beliefs, confronting negative thoughts, and identifying and addressing our self-talk.

3. ”The Masks We Wear.” Looking at social media and advertising etc.
Things like: What’s real and what’s not? Should I compare myself? Is it ok to wear make-up? How much is too much and why? (more about motives. Am I doing it to fit in and be accepted, to cover up a flaw, or just to enhance my natural beauty?)

4. ”Beauty Is In The Eye of The Beholder.” Looking at beauty ideals now and over the ages. (beauty is superficial and changes in accordance with the latest fads or with different cultures etc.) Looking at definitions of beauty – inner beauty versus outer appearance.

5. ”Face Your Fears.” addressing issues of rejection and bullying with  strategies for how to respond and deal with it.

6. ”Keep It Decent.” Dealing with modesty. Is it just something that was important back in the olden days? Why does it matter? Protecting your dignity – personal boundaries.

Term 4 Class Fees:
$40 per person for HASCA members
$45 per person for non-members
* a min. of 6 girls required 

Lisa welcomes your enquiries in relation to the class content.
Please feel free to email her at or use the contact form below.

Got Questions? Want to take part?!! We welcome your enquiry or registration.

Thursday HUB Enquiries: Many classes and activities run at the HASCA Hub on Thursdays. See info at, or email

# Please note that the HASCA Hub is based at the North Shore YMCA where the policy is that all children under 14yrs must have a go-to-parent/adult remaining on site.

HASCA does not directly run this class, however Lisa is well-known in our homeschooling community. She is the long-standing homeschool choir tutor – gifted and caring lady. 

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