Attn: Home Educators Auckland-wide

Homeschool Auckland Sport & Cultural Association (HASCA) has had a hugely productive few months, in fact the last few years have been busy ones! Lots happening, lots in the pipeline, and lots of wonderful ideas that will hopefully come to fruition and benefit our members (and extended community) in the future. We have a fabulous team of volunteers and we’re excited about 2015!


HASCA is all about uniting and supporting homeschooling families through education, sports, and cultural events.

One very important advantage of our organisation is that as an incorporated society, HASCA is able to seek funding and submit grant applications to subsidise educational activities, sports teams, cultural programmes, and other events. Naturally, there are very specific criteria and requirements which vary with each grant application. Our committee is willing to discuss, advise, and support initiatives that we feel will benefit our community and compliment our constitution.

Also, HASCA takes on a supervisory role which allows home educated students to form teams and enter inter-school sports competitions and leagues. HASCA has been supporting homeschool families in this way, and many other ways, since 2001.

Our objectives are –
To administer members’ entry into the secondary school and other age groups where necessary for sports, education and cultural events
To conduct and facilitate the maximum participation of home schooled students’ sport, education and cultural events.
To promote public awareness of the benefits of members involvement in sport, education and other cultural events.

We, ‘team HASCA’, feel we do a pretty good job with this but we have a great desire to grow, do more, and be more! We’d love more people to be involved …

Growing HASCA
We are a committee of busy homeschooling mums and dads, just like you!
We are passionate about providing wonderful opportunities to home educated children, families, and communities. We would love to grow HASCA even more, but we need your help!

Whilst HASCA has a large presence on the North Shore (and was started by Shore homeschooling parents back in 2001), we are an Auckland-wide association. We have a great desire to serve and support all areas of Auckland: West, East, South, North, Rodney, and beyond, uniting families through sport, culture, and other learning opportunities. We can only do this with your support: attend a committee meeting, offer support or help at an event, participate in an activity, join a sports team, coach or manage a team, tell others about us, think about what you would like to implement in your area, think about what opportunities you would like to provide your local homeschooling families/students, then make it happen!

We can support you, listen to your ideas, offer advice, assist you to seek funding – united we can make bigger and better things happen within our local networks!

Our committee meetings are open to all, as is our committee; we welcome new ideas and initiatives that will benefit home educated children, families, and communities.

We would like to extend an invitation to all home educators to attend our upcoming, annual event:

HASCA Open Day
Tuesday, December 16th
at North Shore YMCA
(5 Akoranga Drive, Northcote)
1:00pm – 3:00pm
* fun * friendship * community *
* competitions * spot prizes *
…& more

Please feel free to contact us via email

Kind regards,


Homeschool Auckland Sport & Cultural Association

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