HASCA HOCKEY – Summer Hockey Opportunity

This year HASCA has been proud to support a BOYS HOCKEY TEAM under its umbrella. The 6 aside boys hockey team is compiled of year 5/6 boys, coached and managed by Dean Haythornthwaite.  
Players: Ben Colquhoun, Craig Evans, Ryan Evans, Luke Edwards, Asher Haythornthwaite, Matthew Copeland and Sam Hornblow.
As with our netball teams this year, our hockey players are making a name for themselves (in their competition) and really showing that we homeschoolers are a bit of a talented bunch. Here’s an update from (coach) Dean … We were coming second on the table until last week when we played the table leaders. Previously we had played them (Hauraki) twice resulting in a draw and a loss. This time the boys pulled out their best performance of the season to win 4-0. This puts us first equal with 2 championship games left in round three. We play Oteha Valley next Monday who are currently second, only 1 point behind us. Last time we played Oteha Valley they won 4-2 (we have lost two games all season Hauraki and Oteha Valley) so this is a must win game!
We’ll be sure to let you know how the season ends for our hockey players …and wish them all the very best!
Meantime, we’d like to say a huge thanks to Dean and Rachel Haythornthwaite for their vision and commitment to the HASCA Hockey team. Sincere thanks!  
Dean would like to enter a team in the Summer Hockey (non competitive) Competition …so if any yr 5/6 boys or girls are interested in playing summer hockey please contact Dean Haythornthwaite via email dean@viadesign.co.nz
The Summer Hockey runs from 31st October, to 12th December. Monday nights around 5.30pm.

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