Pumphouse Prodcution – Apr 13th




Limited seating – reserve your seats today! 

Justine Jorgensen has coordinated homeschool groups to attend the Tim Bray Productions at The Pumphouse for several years and will not be continuing to do so in 2011. HASCA will coordinate in the interim and offer these events to our community to enable us to get the heavily reduced ‘school group’ rates. A big thank you to Justine (on behalf of everyone who has attended these productions) for her years of commitment to coordinating and for her kindness.

Date/Show: Wednesday, 13th April 2011, 10.30am show (approx. one hour)

Cost: Groups 50+ – $9.00 per seat,  Groups of 20-49 – $10.50 per seat. Hopefully we can get 50 people so we can get the cheaper rate.  I will need to confirm this after the close off date. (Children under 1 are free sitting on a parents lap).


Please get your numbers (adults and children) to me no later than Tuesday, March 1st. (next week!)

Payment will be required no later than Friday, March 11th and will be non refundable if your reserved seats are cancelled after this date.

About the show:
The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch
by Ronda and David Armitage
adapted by Tim Bray
songs by Christine White 

Children love Mr Grinling, the lighthouse keeper. Join in the fun with Mr and Mrs Grinling, Hamish the cat and the greedy seagulls in a tale that cleverly blends all the favourite Lighthouse Keeper stories into one entertaining and funny show.

For more info: www.timbrayproductions.co.nz


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