Phonics & Literacy 5-8

Phonics & Literacy Skills for Young Learners ages 5-8 

letter treeWHAT: A class for children aged approx 5 – 8 who are in the early stages of literacy and numeracy.hasca-hub-graphic

WHEN: Thursdays 11:00 am to 12:00 noon, 6 weeks commencing 15/10/20 (term 4)

WHERE: HASCA Hub (Squash3), YMCA North Shore, 5 Akoranga Drive, Auckland

HOW MUCH: $50.00 per term (discount for 2020 HASCA members)

Phonics based Literacy Skills for Young Learners
Thursdays 11:00 – 12:00 @ the HASCA Hub, North Shore Auckland

A class for children aged approximately 5 – 8 who are in the early stages of literacy.

The minimum level for those wanting to join this class:
*Should be able to recognize, name & write the letters of the alphabet and know the sound of each letter.

This class will focus on developing an understanding of phonics to assist with reading, writing & spelling and to foster student reading & writing confidence, enthusiasm & independence.

My goal is to help young learners grow in confidence & independence as they have fun developing a solid foundation in phonics and early literacy skills.

Phonics will be taught through oral practice, recitation, memorization, visual recognition of “sounds” through games & interactive in-class activities which will eventually build-up to the written application of phonics. I will be reviewing letters and letter groupings with children using a 6 step systematic phonics approach and helping them to apply their phonemic understanding to the decoding & encoding of words. Thus, language skills & concepts will build on each other sequentially with repetition & memorization being key factors in the learning process.

In addition to phonics, children will also learn to recognise, read & spell some common sight words. Children will also be exposed to quality examples of writing & literature in every class.

Parents are welcome to sit in on classes should they wish to and are encouraged to follow up at home with what has been focussed on in class and utilise some of the teaching strategies & tools for themselves. Resources will be provided most weeks to facilitate this.

If there is enough interest, I am happy to include early numeracy skills in the classes too. Please let me know if this appeals to you.

TUTOR / COORDINATOR: This class is facilitated by passionate home educating mother of five, Nina Lawgun.

CONTACT: For more details about this class or the HASCA Hub please email or

REGISTRATION: Click on the blue button below to register, thank you.

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Nina’s English & Art classes run weekly on Thursdays at the North Shore YMCA as part of the HASCA HUB programme.


Thursday HUB Enquiries: Many classes and activities run at the HASCA Hub on Thursdays, more info at, or email

PrintPlease note that the HASCA Hub is based at the North Shore YMCA where the policy is that all children under 14-yrs must have a go-to-parent remaining on site.

HASCA does not directly run these classes but is very happy to recommend, promote, and support this programme. Nina is a homeschooling parent, and a HASCA member and executive. Please support Nina through participation as she provides this wonderful learning opportunity for our home educated children.

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