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Pumphouse Theatre Show Bookings with HASCA

Tim Bray is a clever man who takes the most wonderful children’s stories and brings them to life on stage!

At the end of most terms HASCA organises a group booking to attend a Tim Bray Production; the shows are held at The Pumphouse Theatre, in Takapuna. 

For more information please contact our HASCA show booking coordinator: Sharon Dove. Or see below for any current or upcoming HASCA group bookings. 

All ages welcome.


The Man Whose Mother Was a Pirate by Margaret Mahy (10 April 2019)
We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen (3 July 2019)
The Little Yellow Digger by Betty and Alan Gilderdale (25 September 2019)
The Santa Claus Show ’19 by Tim Bray (December 2019)


TERM ONE – The Man Whose Mother Was a Pirate by Margaret Mahy
Ahoy me’ hearties! Margaret Mahy’s rollicking and funny pirate adventure, which makes for a brilliant family outing.

The Man Whose Mother was a Pirate tells the story of Sam, an ordinary man who wears an ordinary suit and who works in an ordinary office. But his mother is an extraordinary mother – she’s a pirate and yearns to see the sea again.

A wonderful and madcap adventure ensues as they travel to the sea, with much audience involvement. You and your children will adore this all-time favourite story by New Zealand’s literary treasure, Margaret Mahy.

TERM TWO – We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen
For brave hunters and bear-lovers, the classic chant-aloud by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury.

Follow and join in the family’s excitement as they wade through the grass, splash through the river and squelch through the mud in search of a bear. What a surprise awaits them in the cave on the other side of the dark forest!

TERM THREE – The Little Yellow Digger by Betty and Alan Gilderdale
Based on the series of children’s picture books about The Little Yellow Digger by Betty and Alan Gilderdale. When the little yellow digger gets stuck in the mud, a range of bigger diggers are sent to finish the job…plus other fun adventures of this tenacious machine.
Stories featured in the show are The Little Yellow Digger saves the Whale, The Little Yellow Digger at the Zoo, The Little Yellow Digger, The Little Yellow Digger and the Bones, The Little Yellow Digger goes to School.

TERM FOUR – The Santa Claus Show ’19 by Tim Bray
Kelly and Alana are best friends and decide to write to Santa Claus. But Kelly sends the longest list of things that a child wants for Christmas that Santa has ever seen. Santa flies Kelly to the North Pole so she can learn for herself the true meaning of Christmas.
Now in it’s 17th year – a magical, traditional Christmas treat.

These shows are aimed at children aged 3 to 8 years but enjoyed by children and adults of all ages!

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Term Three 2019 Show Booking –
Wednesday, 25th September, 1:00pm
“The Little Yellow Digger”
If you are interested in attending please click on “register now”, thank you.
Sharon will be in touch.

little yellow digger

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