Info Sessions: Teaching the Basics with Dorinda Duthie

Family Learning: Teaching the Basics for Home Educators

Dorinda has been supporting homeschooling families for decades with her informative seminars. She is kind and caring, has a wonderful understanding of homeschooling, and an amazing collection of tips and tricks to share. We highly recommend her seminars to all!
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Term 4, 2020:
Thursday Morning HASCA Hub (YMCA) Seminars

Dorinda’s Thursday morning seminars are held at the HASCA Hub which is located at the North Shore YMCA, 5 Akoranga Drive, Northcote. Many wonderful learning opportunities run at the HASCA Hub for homeschoolers each term, please see our programme HERE. We welcome your participation.

All interested families are welcome to attend these seminars:

hasca-hub-graphic♦ Thursday, October 22nd, 11:00am (Squash Room 1 @HASCA Hub, YMCA) 
Practical Realities of Homeschooling
Choosing resources, getting organised at home, how to find the pencils and keep track of the library books. $8pp

♦  Thursday, October 29th, 11:00am (Squash Room 1 @HASCA Hub, YMCA)
Teaching Maths 

How to use basic equipment to teach the foundations of maths. This will be a hands on, practical session. The ideas will be helpful for use with any maths programme. $8pp

♦  Thursday, November 5th, 11:00am (Squash Room 1 @HASCA Hub, YMCA)
Geography Resources
There is so much going on in the world right now it is important that we help the children learn the locations of different countries. There are some great resources available for homeschooling families to use. These resources will be available to look at, along with a generic handout for studying individual countries. $8pp

♦  Thursday, November 12th, 11:00am (Squash Room 1 @HASCA Hub, YMCA)
Animal Study – Horses
The handout for this seminar will include an outline suitable for studying any animal and a unit study specifically about horses. $8pp

♦  Thursday, November 19th, 10:00am (Rendle Room @HASCA Hub, YMCA)
Little House on the Prairie
Children are welcome to attend this seminar with their parents.* This is an interactive seminar providing opportunities to look at clothes, tools and other original artefacts similar to those used by the Ingalls family. We will also be looking at books that relate to the Little House series and similar books about NZ pioneering history. *$8 per family

Venue: HASCA Hub – North Shore YMCA, 5 Akoranga Drive (squash court)

Payment: Please pay to Dorinda Duthie, bank ac. no. 12 3035 0732934 00, and reference date of seminar(s) and your surname.

To Register: Please register by the Tuesday of the week of the seminar at

For more information about the seminars, please phone Dorinda Duthie 0274 282 007 or email Dorinda would love to hear from you.

For HASCA Hub enquiries please email Nina at, or HASCA admin

“Equipped parents are confident parents.”

DORINDA DUTHIE: “My background – I am a NZ qualified primary school teacher and I have done the training to be a SPELD tutor. My husband and I homeschooled our son for seven years. I currently work from home teaching remedial reading and maths on an individual basis to students of all ages.”

HASCA is proud to support Dorinda. We sincerely thank her for sharing her passion for teaching & knowledge with our families.



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