Millennium Swimming

Homeschool Swimming Programme @AUT Millennium 

Started in 2012 and coordinated by a local homeschooling parent, this excellent ‘Learn to Swim’ and swimming development programme runs weekly on a Monday at AUT Millennium and the Sir Owen G. Glenn National Aquatic Center. These superb facilities are situated on Auckland’s North Shore at 17 Antares Place, Mairangi Bay.

The Homeschool Swimming Programme runs all year round: 8 weeks each term.

The programme provides lessons for home educated students aged 5 through 17 years – absolute beginners, intermediate through advanced swimmers. Our Development Swimming Squad is for those who have achieved beyond level 7 and wish to maintain and improve technique whilst increasing speed, stamina, and overall endurance.

Homeschool Swimming achievement levels are:

HS Swim levels

Progress and assessment: at the end of each term a detailed assessment sheet (and certificate) is given to each swimmer – this helps the child to see their term progress and understand areas they need to work on; instructors also offer verbal feedback and encouragement. 

Swim times and lanes are allocated and depend on your child’s age and ability.

Placement is at the discretion of the programme coordinator and Millennium’s Schools Programme Manager.

This is an excellent swimming programme which sees many swimmers choosing to swim all year round. New Swimmers please complete and submit the pre-assessment form (see link below). Returning Swimmers please complete and submit the registration form (see like below). It is important to note that we do not take new or returning swimmers during term time (i.e.: once the 8 week swimming term has commenced); new swimmer assessments are completed at the end of each term in preparation for the following term. 

Term fee is payable in full upon confirmation of placement. Fees are payable to the Homeschool Coordinator. (As this programme is run under the ‘schools programme’ LEOTC scheme, a ‘school coordinator’ takes all registrations and payments.) All initial enquiries to Sandra Dawson – please do not contact Millennium directly, thank you.

Want to Swim? Time to register?!

Simply complete the applicable form below and press ‘submit’…

New swimmer assessments (for term one swimmers) will happen on:

Monday, 26th November, between 9:30 and 11:30am. FULL

Friday, 30th November, between 12:30 and 2:00pm. FULL

Sandra will contact you to make a booking once you have completed a NEW SWIMMER pre-assessment form

There may be opportunities for more new swimmer assessments in January 2019 (as our programme commences Feb 11th) so please do go ahead and complete the ‘new swimmer pre-assessment form’ if your child is wanting to swim in term one. Thank you.

Swimming dates for term 1, 2019:

Swimming will run for 8 weeks in term one!

11-Feb, 18-Feb, 25-Feb, 4-Mar, 11-Mar, 18-Mar, 25-Mar, 1-Apr 2019.

More information…

  • 2018 – 2019 DATES for the Homeschool Swimming (& Sports) Programme can be viewed here

  • Millennium Homeschool Programme general INFORMATION sheet can be viewed here. *New Swimmers please read!*

Questions? Want to know more?!

If you have questions please use the contact form below – Sandra will get back to you! 

HASCA does not directly run this activity but is very happy to recommend, promote, and support this programme. Sandra is a homeschooling parent, and a HASCA member and executive; she runs this programme voluntarily to provide affordable swimming lessons to homeschooling families. Support this programme through your participation!

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