HASCA Basketball Teams

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Our homeschool basketball teams compete each year in local competitions – North Shore YMCA and North Harbour Basketball – against other schools and club teams.

Teams (primary through senior) are coached and managed by homeschooling parents and graduated students.

Most of our players come out of the Homeschool Basketball Skills Programmes which run weekly on a Thursday at the North Shore YMCA (juniors 5-10yrs 2-3pm, and senior players 11-18yrs 1-2pm); the Homeschool Basketball Skills Programme is a great training ground for enthusiastic basketballers!

HASCA’s senior basketball coordinator for 2018 is Selena Spottiswoode. Email Selena at hasca.nz@gmail.com.

Competitions and 2018 Dates – Overview

Senior & Intermediate Basketball (Semester 1)

North Harbour Basketball Intermediate & Highschool Leagues play at the North Shore Events Centre or AUT Northcote:

Our intermediate and senior teams play in inter-school North Harbour Basketball comps @North Shore Events Cntr or AUT Northcote:

  • Yr7-8 Mondays (semester one starts March 5th 2018) Entries close Feb 23rd
  • Yr9 Wednesdays (commencing May 9th 2018) Entries close April 6th
  • Under 17 Girls / Under 17 Boys / Under 19 Girls / Under 19 Boys Thursdays and Fridays (commencing May 10th/11th 2018) Entries close April 6th

Our junior / primary-age teams play in inter-school comps at the North Shore YMCA:

  • Yr 3-4 (age 7-9 years) Wednesdays (from March 7th 2018) Registrations close Feb 16th
  • Yr 5-6 (age 9-11 years) Thursdays (from March 8th 2018) Registrations close Feb 26th

Volunteers – Coaches and Managers

Team entries are based on interest (and numbers) and support from parents to coordinate, coach, and manage our teams and players.

Referees are provided by both the YMCA and North Harbour Basketball.

Is this something you are interested in? Do you want to organise a team? Contact hasca.nz@gmail.com.

Junior Basketball @ North Shore YMCA (Semester 1)

The North Shore YMCA run their Year 3 & 4 (ages 7-9 years) basketball league on Wednesday evenings.

The Yr3-4 registration cut-off date for semester one is Friday 16th February 2018.

This is an inter-school competition, our homeschool basketballers will play against other local primary schools.

North Shore YMCA also offer basketball leagues for Year 5 & 6 (ages 9-11 years) which play on a Thursday afternoons between 3.30pm and 7.30pm. (Homeschool play early games.) Semester 1 registrations close on Monday 26th February 2018.

Semester 1 2018 for Yr 5-6 starts approx. Thursday 8th March 2018, and the competition runs between 13-15 weeks.

Contact HASCA if you would like to get involved in Homeschool Basketball.

Or come along and try out the weekly Homeschool Basketball Skills Programmes at North Shore YMCA.


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