HASCA’s Sports Teams

Basketball, Netball and other sports

In addition to many fabulous term programmes and learning opportunities, we coordinate: Primary, Intermediate, and Senior/College Netball and Basketball teams, coached and managed by our members. We enter these teams in to local ‘inter-school’ competitions, seasonally. The wonderful dedication and commitment of our committee members, our parents, and our teen volunteers make these teams happen year after year. Other sports teams are available from time to time, depending on willing volunteers and their interests.

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If you would like to enter a Homeschool sports team in to your local inter-school competition, contact us, we may be able to offer support! 



Homeschool Programmes @YMCA North Shore

Basketball Coaching Programme, Hockey Skills, and Gymnastics Programme

The North Shore YMCA offer several term programmes for homeschool students: basketball coaching, indoor hockey, and gymnastics, which are frequented by many of our members. These programmes have been running for many, many years and have seen countless home educated students move on and achieve great things in both basketball and gymnastics. The programmes are excellent!

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The North Shore YMCA is located at 5 Akoranga Drive, Northcote, and hosts many other excellent term programmes. We have LOTS of wonderful learning opportunties happening there on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays! Also, our Homeschool Library is housed at this location for your convenience! 

We have many, many other learning and sporting opportunities available, check out WHAT’S ON?!!!

Thank you to the North Shore YMCA for their continued and longstanding support of HASCA and our home schooling community.


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