Mathematics with Karol

Maths class planned to commence in term 1, 2020, or earlier if enough interest.
Want to know more?! Want to participate?! 
Please contact Karol to express your interest or to make enquiries. Thank you.

Maths with Karolmaths

Karol’s Maths class will run weekly out of the North Shore YMCA to coincide with the many other HASCA and homeschool activities happening there each week! (See ‘What’s On’.)


Classes are run by ex-Maths teacher and homeschooling mum, Karol Goodman.

Karol is passionate about helping homeschoolers have lots of fun while mastering their basic facts as a foundation to all mathematics. 

What do space ships, cars, animals and quick addition have in common? Come along and find out!

This course provides resources your kids will potentially be asking you to use with them for years.

This course is tailored for a very specific group of kids and parents as described below.

Are you willing to attend a half hour session with your kids for 7 weeks?

Would you commit to putting 10-15 minutes, 4 days a week over 7 weeks aside to spend with your child repeating the fun activities we do in class?

The age range for kids is a rough guide, from 5-8 years, because although this is technically Year level 1 addition, due to dyslexia and many other factors, many teens still add by counting-on.  Karol is happy to help students of any age dealing with such challenges.

What’s more important than age or level, is that the kids are comfortable working within a class of this approximate age range and they fit the following specific criteria:

– They don’t know their basic addition facts involving sums under 20.
i.e. Do they still count on their fingers, out loud or slowly in their heads without knowing the facts by heart?

– Can they recognise, identify and write numbers 1-20 easily, quickly and legibly?

If the answers are not yes to the above four questions, please don’t register in this class, but either contact Karol about math or keep an eye out for future class options. 

Parents have expressed interest in a number of different math classes, but this is the foundational one to start things off and more will possibly added in the future.

There are some basic materials needed at home that most families will already have. A list with full class details will be sent once expressions of interest/registrations have been received.  


Quick Recall Basic Addition Facts
A 7-week course for 5 to 8 year olds (approx. age range only)
When: *       
– Option 1) Thursdays 10:00 to 10:30am, Rendle Room, 2nd May to 13th June 2019 (7 weeks)   
– Option 2) Fridays 1:00 to 1:30pm, Meeting Room, 3rd May to 14th June (7 weeks)
North Shore YMCA, 5 Akoranga Drive, Northcote
Term Fee: **     
$37.00 HASCA members, or $42 for non-members 
Register for term two now using the contact form below. Thank you.

** Fees may be reviewed if the required number of students is not met.
* We will proceed with the class which has the greatest interest: option 1) Thursday AM or option 2) Friday PM. 

contact us

Interested? Got questions?
Register now!

HASCA is proud to support Karol and pleased to offer her teaching experience to our community.
Please do support this wonderful learning opportunity through your participation. 

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