Highschool Literacy & Composition

Highschool Literacy Composition for Homeschooled Teens 15+

This programme runs on Thursdays as part of the HASCA Hub programme which takes place in term time at the YMCA North Shore, 5 Akoranga Drive, Auckland, alongside many other wonderful learning opportunities.

This class will focus on developing language and literacy skills in students typically in YR-11 and up. In 2021, we will be looking at how language techniques are used to convey ideas to an intended audience and for what purpose. 

Students will learn to recognize, analyse and apply language devices with growing confidence and skill in essays, and in their written responses to a variety of texts while also learning how to structure their writing to communicate effectively with their intended audience.

Through the study of written, dramatic & oral texts we will look at how specific techniques & devices have been used to convey ideas, persuade and challenge their audiences.

Through the close study of literature, speeches & other texts students will learn to recognise, analyse, and apply persuasive language (rhetoric) & other language techniques in both written & verbal contexts and develop higher-level critical thinking and writing skills that can be applied across multiple types of written assessments and which typically result in higher levels of achievement.

While not specific to NCEA, this course will address the assessment requirements for some of the NCEA English achievement standards.

Nina also offers senior tutoring and support. To chat further about tutoring options please email Nina directly.

To register or find our more about the course content, please click on the blue “programme information” button below. 

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HASCA does not directly run these classes but is very happy to recommend, promote, and support this programme. Nina is a homeschooling parent, and a HASCA member and executive. Please support Nina through participation as she provides this wonderful learning opportunity for our home educated children. 

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