Lego Challenge 4+

Lego Challenge Club – Thursdays on the Shore

Lego Challenge is a Lego club for homeschooled kids who love Lego! It runs as part of the HASCA Hub programme which takes place on Thursdays at the North Shore YMCA, 5 Akoranga Drive, Northcote.

Fun new challenges will be presented each week. Kids will learn new building, engineering, and problem solving skills. They will have the opportunity to work both individually and in groups. * Children do not need to bring their own Lego. Lego is supplied.

Please click on the yellow button below to complete a registration form, thank you.

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lego peeps

HASCA does not directly run this activity but we are happy to promote and support Kate’s programmes. Kate is a patient and kind lady who home educates her children and is a long-standing HASCA member. Your children will love learning with Kate! Please support this programme through your participation, thank you.
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