Great Outdoors 5+

Learning from the Great Outdoors ~ Thursdays on the Shore (Class returns in Term 4) 

This programme runs in the warmer months – terms 1 and 4 and is for home educated students aged 5-13. If older students wish to attend, please contact Kate to discuss it (click below for details).

This class will run out of the HASCA Hub which is located on Thursdays at the North Shore YMCA, 5 Akorgana Drive, Northcote, North Shore. A lot of this class will take place outdoors (weather permitting).This practical class will feed your kids’ imaginations as they learn about the natural environment, as well as learning some survival & bush craft skills. The kids will have a BLAST while learning all about nature and important (and life-saving) skills. Activities range from basic nature/environmental/outdoor education to true survival skills. The lessons will be hands-on—making things and doing activities. Some of the activities we might do are: make solar ovens, put up tents, build bivouacs, plant mini-gardens, make bird feeders, learn plant identification, find GPS coordinates, and so on. Kids will gain confidence and comfort in being outdoors while having a great time and staying active.

Please click on the blue “programme information” button below to register or to find out more! 

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HASCA does not directly run this activity but we are happy to promote and support Kate’s programmes. Kate is a patient and kind lady who home educates her children and is a long-standing HASCA member. Your children will love learning with Kate! Please support this programme through your participation, thank you.


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