Homeschool Harmonies Singing Group

Did you know that singing could improve your well-being?
“Researchers followed a group of participants who attended free weekly singing workshops for six months. They discovered that singing in groups was an essential part in helping people recover from mental illness.
In addition, it helped people feel valued, enhanced their mood and increased
their confidence, social skills and feeling of well-being.”

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Join in the fun! 

What:     Homeschool Harmonies Singing Group ~ Choir, with Lisa Dew

When:     Fridays 1:30pm to 2:30pm

Where:   Glenfield, North Shore

Contact: Lisa Dew at

Term fees:
$45.00 per person (or $40 for HASCA member)
$40 per person for additional siblings and participating parents

Students should be able to hold a tune and be able to follow along with the music to get the gist of it. (: Lisa will provide a sound track of each individual part for students to listen to and sing along with so that they can practice at home.

These are not singing lessons, but Lisa will be teaching some basics like breathing technique and vocal warm ups etc. Students will learn to hold their part while other parts are being sung around them.

Lisa will try to cover a range of different styles of music. Some modern and some older songs, all with good clean, positive lyrics.

Got Questions? Want to take part?!

You are welcome to complete the contact form below, then press ‘submit’. Lisa will reply to you directly.

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