Intro to Greek Mythology & Classics 10+

Intro to Greek Mythology & Classics with Lacey

What: This class is for home educated children aged 10 – 13 years

When: Thursdays 11:00 am to 12:00 noon (commencing term 4, 15/10) ❌FULL❌ 

Where: North Shore YMCA, 5 Akoranga Drive, Northcote *Meeting Room

About the Course:
In term 4, we will explore the wonderful world of mythology by reading and examining stories of Ancient Greek deities, heroes, and monsters while also learning fun and interesting facts about their ancient Greek context.

Our theme will be “Classical Mythology”, in which we will look into some of the most famous figures and stories from Greek mythology. We will also be exploring and answering questions like: What is a myth? How did the Greeks view their gods and heroes? What do these myths tell us about life in Ancient Greece?

Some of the myths we will be covering include Orpheus and Eurydice, The Origins of Hermes, Perseus and Medusa, the 12 Labours of Heracles, and many more!

These classes will have a relaxed atmosphere, but children will need to be well behaved and be willing to contribute to some class discussion (it won’t be scary, it will be fun!). We will complete a simple worksheet in class and jot down a few notes. There will be a tiny bit of research to be done at home each week: 2-3 sentences about the myth or figure studied. Students will be asked to share some of their findings the following week in class, or at least their favourite fact or any other interesting gem they discovered.

About the Tutor:
Lacey was home-educated throughout her school years and is now a 2nd-year Auckland University student, studying English & History. She is passionate about anything literary, historical or mythological, and is excited to share her knowledge with younger students.

Term Fees:
$50 per student for 2020-HASCA members, or $55 for non-members
* a minimum of six students is needed for this class to proceed *

Enquiries & Registration:
Register now using the form below, or contact Lacey at

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Twelve Olympians - Wikipedia

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