Fun with Friends

Fun with Friends ~ Thursdays!

A FREE informal weekly group to run  alongside other activities on Thursdays at the North Shore YMCA.

Ages: children aged 8 to 12 years

Time: 2:00pm to 3pm or 3:30pm (:

When: Thursdays, 20/02/20 to 02/04/20

Where: Rendle Room, North Shore YMCA

Each week we will do some fun interactive activities together. There is no teaching or tutor involved but Art tutor Nina will be teaching her senior art class in the same room so she’ll keep an eye on us & help us keep the volume down. 

There is no charge to join us but there are a few rules

1) Use your quiet indoor voices

2) Be prepared to share 

3) Make friends, help each other & be nice

4) Join in with the day’s activity

5) Parents must remain on site in the YMCA but do not need to stay in the room

6) No toddlers or littlies in the room sorry

7) No rowdy play – this means no running, jumping or climbing

8) Help tidy up before you leave

These are the activity ideas for term 1, 2020:

Week 1: 20/02 ~ Origami & Paper Folding Crafts

Do you have any origami paper or books or folded paper crafts. Bring them along and lets get folding together.

Week 2: 27/02 ~ Jewellery Fun

Bring your beading & friendship bracelet supplies and lets make some jewellery together.

Week 3: 05/03 ~ Colour me beautiful 

Do you have some awesome colouring type books that you’d like to share & maybe some fancy pens & pencils?  Bring them along & lets draw & colour in together.

Week 4: 12/03 ~ Scrapbooking Fun 

Bring along some scrapbooking supplies to share & some photos of interesting things & lets create scrapbook pages together.

Week 5: 19/03 ~ Manipulative Madness 

Do you have things like construction straws, geo-sticks or other manipulative or construction type sets suited to slightly older kids like us? Bring them along & lets create things with them together.

Week 6: 26/03 ~ Puzzle time

Do you have jigsaws or other types of puzzles at your home? Bring them along & let’s solve them together.

Week 7: 02/04 ~ Board Games 

Bring along your favourite board game for us to play together.

Other Information:

We realise that not all children have access to these things, but don’t let that stop you joining us because we’re all happy to share what we have with you.

We also realise that these activities may not appeal to everyone so if you have some better ideas of quietish activities that we could do together, let us know.

Parents are welcome to join in too if they’d like & if they have a particular interest, hobby or skill they’d like to share with us, we’d love to learn from them. (ie: sewing, knitting, beading, scrapbooking etc…) 

If our group gets too big, we may need to consider moving to one of the other spaces at the YMCA but we’d need a parent willing to supervise us & we’d need to pay a little bit for the room hire if we have to move to another room.🙂

If you are a parent or grandparent who has a skill or hobby and you’d like to share – please email Nina.

Enquiries to:

If you’d like to join us please email Nina at


HASCA does not directly run this activity but we are happy to promote and support Nina’s vision to provide this fun class on Thursdays at the HASCA HUB. Nina home educates her children and is a long-standing HASCA member, and executive committee member. Please support this programme through your participation, thank you.

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