Exploring Literature 8+

Exploring Literature with Lacey: James & the Giant Peach

Sadly, due to lack of numbers this class will not run in term 4. We hope to offer it next year instead.

What: This class is for home educated children aged 8+ years (suitable for approx. 8 to 11)James and the Giant Peach [node:content-type] Poster Image

When: Thursdays 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm (commencing 15/10)hasca-hub-graphic

Where: North Shore YMCA, 5 Akoranga Drive, Northcote *Meeting Room

About the Course:
‘An enormous escaped rhinoceros has eaten James’ parents – and it gets worse! James is packed off to live with his two really horrible aunts, Sponge and Spiker. Poor James is miserable until something peculiar happens and he finds himself on the most wonderful and extraordinary journey he could ever imagine…’ LET’S EXPLORE THIS EXCITING STORY TOGETHER IN TERM 4!

We will investigate the life and works of author Roald Dahl, explore his fantastical characters and tall tales told in James & the Giant Peach, and learn some literacy skills and interesting vocabulary along the way.

This course will run for six weeks commencing October 15th. Participants will need to buy or borrow a copy of children’s novel, James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. Students will be assigned several chapters each week to read at home (either alone or with parent help) in order for class discussion the following week. This means it is really important that the homework chapters are read! Pre-course reading will be chapters 1 through 9 (36 easy pages with lots of illustrations) … GO FOR IT!

We will learn how to take very simple notes in our ‘writer’s journal’ with spelling prompts for those who need it. Children can work to their own ability – there are no tests or exams, just some fun learning! Students will learn a little about different genres, how to understand different types of language features, and how to engage critical thinking skills – all with an emphasis on fun! We will play some fun team games too, like Vocabulary Charades and True or False, as a way of learning more about words, context clues, and definitions. Suggested age for this class is 8+ (or 8-11 years).

About the Tutor: Lacey was home-educated and is now a 2nd-year Auckland Uni student studying English & History. She is passionate about anything literary, historical or mythological, and is excited to share her knowledge with younger students.

Term 4 Fees: (payable prior to term)
$45 per student for 2020-HASCA members
$50 for non-members

NOTE: a minimum of 8 students is preferred for this class to proceed

Registrations: please click on the blue button below to register or make enquiries

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Thursday HUB Enquiries:
Many classes and activities run at the HASCA Hub on Thursdays, more info at www.hascaNZ.org, or email nina.hascahub@gmail.com.

# Please note that the HASCA Hub is based at the North Shore YMCA where the policy is that all children under 14 years must have a go-to-parent/adult remaining on site.

HASCA does not directly run this class, however we support Lacey and her teaching. We know from experience she is passionate and gifted, and is patient and caring with her students.

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