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NCEA Level 2 English with Angie Fraser

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Hi I’m Angie Fraser and have several years’ experience tutoring small groups of secondary students (including my own daughters) with excellent feedback. While I am not a qualified secondary English teacher, I have a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and ESL tutoring qualifications.

Angie Fraser’s literature class effectively introduces any student to literary analysis while honing essay writing skills. It also provides excellent preparation for those taking the NCEA level 2 exam and/or those aiming for an internal Te Kura assessment. The small class size facilitates sharing and discussion, and Angie uses hands on activities to teach and apply concepts. Prompt, specific and constructive feedback helps students develop their writing skills. My daughter enjoyed studying To Kill A Mockingbird and gained insights into character, themes and motifs she might have missed on her own. Val Robb

About the Classes

This class is based at an NCEA Level 2 standard for students 15 years and older. (Or competent 14 year old writers!) Classes are 1 ½ hours in length and there is a maximum of six students per class. These classes are ideal for, but not limited to, students enrolled with Te Kura, as I have worked (and continue to work) with Te Kura tutors to meet their requirements.

Why NCEA Level Two?

NCEA Level 2 English is the minimum literacy standard required for level 2 english imageUniversity Entrance. This course will equip students to achieve the 5 Reading Credits and the 5 Writing Credits required for UE Literacy either through internal assessments (not exams) or a combination of external exams and internal assessments. It will give a very solid foundation for NCEA Level 3 studies.

Course Content (2019)

  • Highschool Essay Writing (6 weeks)Please note this class (Term 1) is a pre-requisite for all other courses.The essay completed in this class can be submitted as one of the two pieces of writing required for the Writing Folio Internal.Writing Folio – NCEA Standard: AS91101 English 2.4(Internal Assessment 6 Writing Credits – 2 pieces submitted)
  • Information Literacy (Research) Report (3 weeks) NCEA Standard: AS91105 English 2.8: Use information literacy skills to form developed conclusion(s).(Internal Assessment 4 Reading credits)
  • Literature Essay: To Kill a Mockingbird (6 weeks)NCEA Standard: AS91098 English 2.1: Analyse specified aspects of studied written text(s) supported by evidence.(External Exam 4 Reading/Writing Credits)
  • Personal Response (2 Weeks)NCEA Standard: AS91106 English 2.9: Form developed personal responses to independently read texts, supported by evidence.(Internal Assessment 4 Reading Credits)
  • Film Essay: (Visual Text) Essay Writing: Dead Poets Society (4 weeks)NCEA Standard AS91099: Analyse specified aspects of studied visual or oral text(s) supported by evidence.(External Exam 4 Writing Credits)
  • Connections Across Texts Internal (2 weeks – including 1x 2 hr class)NCEA Standard: AS91104 English 2.7(Internal Assessment 4 Credits)
  • Speech (5 weeks)NCEA Standard: AS91102 English 2.5: Construct and deliver a crafted and controlled oral text.(Internal Assessment 3 Credits)

The Literature (Term 2) and Film (Term 3) classes will prepare students to sit the NCEA Level 2 external exams in November 2019.

(Note: These exams can be sat as an independent student OR as Te Kura students if you are enrolled with Te Kura Correspondence School.)

I do appreciate that NCEA requirements are a LOT to figure out when you are starting out. So please don’t hesitate to contact me using the CONTACT FORM below.

Thanks so much for reading!

Angie Fraser

Where & when …

Classes will be held 9:30 to 11:00am* on Thursdays at YMCA North Shore (5 Akoranga Drive, Northcote), to coincide with the other programmes on offer for home educated children and teens. (*This is a tentative time slot and will be confirmed.) Other options / classes on other days – may be available so please make enquiries. 

Programme & Class Dates for Term 2, 2019: 

Class DATES for Term 2:

10 May – TKAM Week 1 (TKAM – To Kill A Mockingbird, Literature Essay)

16 May – TKAM Week 2

23 May – Personal Response Week 1

30 May – TKAM Week 3

6 June – Personal Response 2

13 June – TKAM Week 4

20 June  –  TKAM Week 5

27 June –  TKAM Week 6

Please contact Angie for term fees. $5 HASCA member discount available.

Term 3, 2019:

Due to the content of the course in term 3, which will include film study, reading responses, and information literacy (research) skills, Angie will run term 3 classes in Glenfield. Please contact her directly to make further enquiries about her courses and details for term 3, thank you.

What others say …

Participating in Angie’s interactive essay and speech classes have been a privilege!  This very kind, clever and encouraging lady is not only an outstanding teacher but she has the knack to inspire her students to reach their full potential.  Yes the standard she sets is high but the onus is on the student to dig deep and bring their best to the table in a hugely supportive and welcoming environment. The small class numbers foster active listening and participation, yet also leave room for fun along the way. There is a sizable amount of work required after class, but Angie’s prompt, considerate and constructive communication with her students via email is absolutely invaluable. These classes quite frankly have been a lifesaver for us! THANK YOU ANGIE! Annie de Beer

 Caleb really enjoyed the class, and found the hands-on aspects added to the learning. Angie’s responses to the exercises Caleb did were prompt, constructive and really helpful, and his writing and research skills grew noticeably through the whole experience. Thank you! Kate Dunn

My eldest daughter loved participating in Angie Fraser’s level 2 NCEA English classes and that year gained excellence endorsed which was wonderful. Angie invested in my child’s desire to succeed in this subject and was a huge support. Her approach is kind and caring, and she was always encouraging! Angie’s programme was thorough and delivered in easy-to-manage and easy-to-understand chunks, and her feedback was always prompt and extremely helpful. There were fun, interactive exercises along the way which added to the enjoyment of learning. I highly recommend Angie’s classes. Sandra Dawson

Mrs. Fraser is an excellent teacher..  If you feel that public speaking is not your strong point, don’t worry, Mrs. Fraser will teach you everything you need to know, with lots of constructive feedback. Mrs. Fraser is an awesome teacher.”  Hannah Smith

Register now! Or find out more information …

To register now, or to find out more about this wonderful learning opportunity, please email Angie Fraser via ninx@xtra.co.nz or use the contact form below. Thank you.


Angie also teaches a NCEA English Level 1 Exam Preparation Course.
In Term One this course will commence on Monday February 18 from 10:30-12pm and run for 8 weeks. Classes are held in Torbay.
Information follows …

2019 Exam Technique Class for NCEAeng L1

Along with Literature essay writing, we will cover:

– How to take study notes

– Creating a revision document to study

– What to memorize and how

– What to focus on

– How to select and approach an exam question

– Creating an outline on the day

– And other stuff too….

While this class will focus on a literature essay for the external exam at NCEA 1 level, the study and exam techniques covered should be relevant for any written examination. So even if you don’t intend to take NCEA study any further, it’s still a great chance to practice sitting a lower-level exam in a relatively non-threatening way.

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To contact Angie Fraser, simply complete the form below and press ‘submit’, or call her on 09-444-0758.

 HASCA does not directly run this activity but is very happy to recommend, promote, and support this programme. Angie homeschooled her children and was a long-standing HASCA member. Please support Angie through participation as she provides this wonderful learning opportunity for home educated teens navigating NCEA L2 English.
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