Early Greek Lifestyles 11+

Ancient History: Early Greek Lifestyles with Lacey

This shorter 4-week course (weeks 1 to 4) will be taught by Lacey and is for homeschooled students aged 11+.
You might recall Lacey taught our extremely popular Mythology class last year.

In term 1, we will explore the wonderful world of Ancient Greece by reading about and examining different areas of this fascinating society, from leisure to medicine, the lives of the wealthiest citizens to the humblest slaves. Our theme will be “Ancient Greek Lifestyles”, in which we will be exploring and answering questions such as: What were the social norms of Ancient Greece? What happened during an average day? What was life like for women and children? What differences are there between Ancient Greece and our modern world? Some of the topics we will be covering include the lives of women and children, medicine and health, religion and the gods, and many more!

This class will run as part of the HASCA Hub Programme which operates out of the North Shore YMCA, 5 Akoranga Drive, Auckland, on Thursdays in term time. We invite you to click on the blue button to find our more information, then register if it sounds like a class your child would enjoy.

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Classical Greece - HISTORY


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