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Chelsea Bay Tours 2018


HASCA has made two group bookings to tour of the iconic Chelsea Sugar Factory in Birkenhead (100 Colonial Road). You are welcome to join us on either Wed 27th June 2018, OR Fri 6th July 2018. (HASCA is taking the registrations and payment for the tours however the lovely people at Chelsea Bay will facilitate ‘the experience’ on the day.) *The first two dates are full! A third booking has been made for Monday, 23rd July. Register below.*

This is a wonderful opportunity for your children to experience a different industry and environment, with some history and home economics thrown in! …and lots of fun!

These tours will be an educational and inspiring behind-the-scenes look at what goes on at Chelsea Sugar. You’ll see how raw sugar, offloaded from the ships berthed at Chelsea’s deep-water port, makes its way through the Chelsea Sugar Factory to the finished product that you buy (or see) in the supermarket.

The HASCA Chelsea Bay Tours are for home educated children YR4 through YR13 (aged 8 years and above). For safety reasons it is important to note that children younger than 8 years CANNOT take part in this outing.

There will be three areas included in the tour; a baking school, an interactive area, and the tour of the refinery, which is aimed at students from Year 4-13.

The cost is $14.00 per person – for both children and adults – which is payable on confirmation of placement! If you would like to have another adult take your children on the outing, this is fine – we will just need to know who is responsible for your child/ren. (Ensure you complete the appropriate section on the registration form, thank you.)

*This is a school/educational tour, therefore it is preferential that only one parent comes with the family’s children as the more adults we have the less children can come. (Please do check with Sandra, thank you.) Chelsea will be opening tours to the general public late in 2018, but their school tours are commencing on June 11th! Very exciting!



The HASCA ‘school’ tours will be structured as follows:

Arrival time at Chelsea Bay: 10:00am 

10:00am – 10:15am – Welcome and briefing for the experience.

The group will be divided into three and rotate around the three areas as follows:

Interactive Zone (40 mins + 20 mins lunch) *bring your own lunch/snack & water

o Play an interactive computer baking game
o Learn about how flour is milled and sugar refined
o Share your childhood memories
o Learn about the history of Birkenhead

Edmonds Baking School (1 hour)

o Learn about health and hygiene in the kitchen
o Different types of flours and sugars for baking
o Hands-on baking experience making chocolate chip cookies with a qualified instructor – and get to take them home in a handy pack with recipe book

Factory Tour (1 hour)

o Be fully immersed walking through our working factory floor, and also travel around our site on the Chelsea Bay Train
o Learn how raw sugar comes in and becomes the final product in our supermarkets
o Learn about the history of the Chelsea site
o Taste test our delicious syrups and see the wondrous sugar mountain!

Departure: 1:30pm



  • You will be emailed the bank details for payment once we advise that we CAN place your family.
  • Your placement will not be confirmed until FULL payment has been made.
  • There are NO refunds should you cancel or not turn up on the day.
  • Excellent behaviour is a MUST! Anyone demonstrating unruly behaviour on the day may be asked to leave Chelsea Bay.


Contact Sandra at HASCA with any questions – email: hasca.nz@gmail.com


register no

Term 2, 2018

REGISTER HERE for Chelsea Bay Tour – Wednesday, 27th June <<<< FULL

REGISTER HERE for Chelsea Bay Tour – Friday, 6th July <<<< FULL

Term 3, 2018

REGISTER HERE for Chelsea Bay Tour – Monday, 23rd July <<<<FULL


(Swimmers in Monday’s Millennium Swimming Programme please note, term 3 swimming starts back on Monday 30th of July – week 2 of term 3 – so there will be no clash with the Monday Chelsea Bay Tour and the swimming classes. Monday 23rd of July is week 1 of term 3.)







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