Art: Senior Fine Arts

Senior Fine Arts Programme with Nina

This class runs as part of the HASCA Hub Programme which takes place on Thursdays a the North Shore YMCA alongside many other classes and activities each term.

The Senior Fine Art programme is for students aged 14.5+ who have completed at least a year in a foundation level year 9 – 10 art class or who have a particular interest in fine arts and want to take their art further and build on their existing skillset and use of media techniques.

For those who are interested in the possibility of earning credits for either NCEA or CENZ, support and preparation towards this will be provided but it is not compulsory.

To register or to find out more about the Senior Fine Arts course content please click on the “programme information” button below.

HASCA does not directly run this class but is very happy to recommend, promote, and support this long-standing and proven programme. Nina is a homeschooling parent, and a HASCA member and committee executive who is passionate about art, english, and teaching. Nina’s students always attain outstanding grades.

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