Art with Nina/Sam Yr7-13

Visual Arts with Nina Lawgun

Nina’s Art & English classes run weekly on Thursdays at the North Shore YMCA as part of the HASCA programme.


Visual Arts ~ Classes on Offer in 2020:

◊ Intermediate Art with Samantha Thomsen, Years 7-9 / Ages 11+

◊ Junior High School Art with Nina Lawgun, Years 9-11 / Ages 13+

◊ Visual Arts NCEA 1, 2 & 3 with Nina Lawgun, Years 11-13 / Ages 15+

class info and rego

michal trpak

HASCA does not directly run this activity but is very happy to recommend, promote, and support this long-standing and proven programme.
Nina is a homeschooling parent, and a HASCA member and committee executive. Samantha is a talented senior art student.

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