We hope you enjoy looking through the various photos posted here. We host some fabulous events; sports, cultural, educational and fun!

Our HASCA volunteers are passionate people who work hard in our home ed community to provide these great opportunities and events! It is our hope that these photos will inspire and encourage you to take part in a class or event we host.  We welcome you!


– 2019 HASCA Homeschool Athletics Championships 13-03-19

– 2019 HASCA Homeschool Athletics Championships 13-03-19

– 2019 HASCA Edible Book Day (North Shore) 27-03-19

2018 HASCA Edible Book Day (North Shore) 28-03-18

2014 Millennium Homeschool Sports & Swimming Programme, Term 1

2013 Millennium Homeschool Sports Programme, Term 4

2013 HASCA Winter Netball

2012 HASCA Winter Netball

2011 HASCA Winter Netball

2010 Choir & Ukulele Groups – Lady Allum Performance, 23-06-10 

2010 Choir & Ukulele Groups – End of Term Show, 01-04-10

2010 HASCA MERC Day 1, 15-02-10

2010 NZ Breakers Experience 01-02-10 (mixing it up with the Breakers!)

2009 Xmas Cheer (Merry Christmas Albany), 12-12-09

2009 Homeschool Musical Showcase, 04-12-09

2009 Breaker Ball Event, 03-11-09

2009 Graham Braddock Art Workshop, 10-08-09

2009 Homeschool Maori Cultural Event, 27-07-09

2009 HASCA MERC “Teens” Day, 16-03-09

2008 NZ Breakers Event, 19-08-08

From time to time we publish and email a newsletter to our member families. These usually ‘fill the gaps’ between our committee meetings (when we produce and email our minutes to all members) or will precede a new term. Now days, most of our updating is done via our Facebook page!

Our newsletters will often tell of something new and exciting happening in our homeschooling community. They are worth the read!


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